Steal From Tom Brady, And It May Come To This

Meet Dennis Pavia, an ex-con who just had brain surgery and says he can’t work. Recently he was caught taking two planter boxes from the back of Tom Brady’s Boston condominium, and now has to panhandle to make the $4,000 restitution. Buddy, can you spare a dime for Tom Brady?

Dennis Pavia

Everyone involved pretty much agrees that the whole thing was a mistake — Pavia says the planters were right next to the trash, and he sold them to a recycling center. But he was caught on video surveillance, admitted to theft as part of a plea deal, and a Boston Municipal Court judge ordered him to pay restitution. Meanwhile, Brady, who will make $30 million this year in salary and endorsements, according to the BOSTON HERALD, was taking wife¬†Gisele Bundchen and son Jack to Disneyland. Read more…