Gross/Iconic Coaching Outfits Through The Years

The BOSTON GLOBE reported yesterday that fully half of the gray hooded sweatshirts sold through the NFL are adorned with the Patriots logo, a fairly obvious by-product of Bill Belichick’s “hobo coach” look.

Bill Belichick
(Doesn’t he look sharp? Or homeless?)

It seems strange that such an image-unconscious look has caught on in spite of itself, but we got to thinking: this isn’t a new phenomenon. Through the decades of NFL history, in fact, successful coaches have shaped popular fashion, usually without even trying. Let’s take a look back, shall we?

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Iverson, Mora, & Namath Get Autotuned (w/ Video)

Sometimes a video comes along that’s so perfect, anything we add to it would be superfluous; the best thing we can do is just stand back and let the magic happen.

Allen Iverson
(We were tempted to photoshop a T-Pain hat onto Allen Iverson, but it would have been a little too esoteric.)

This would be one of those times. KISSING SUZY KOLBER has unearthed an epic remix of some of the most memorable moments in media meltdown history - set to Autotune. Oh, it’s so good. Video’s after the break (and near as we can tell, completely SFW).

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PJ Hill Prepares For NFL Draft With Multiple DUIs

Every year, there’s one player who manages to screw himself over just before the NFL Draft by getting arrested for some stupid reason. If you had Wisconsin running back P.J. Hill in your pool, guess what: you’re a winner! The WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL says the former Badgers star was arrested last Saturday after allegedly leading police on a brief, drunken car chase.

PJ Hill

This is a bad thing to have happen to anyone a month before the NFL Draft. But if you’re someone projected to be a fifth or sixth round draft pick, it’s pretty much career suicide. Especially if you were already suspended as a freshman for an incident at a dorm room where you were allegedly “brandishing a baseball bat.” You might as well just start asking Dennis Green if his UFL team needs any running backs.

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Stars Who Were Cheerleaders; D.R. Done In WBC

• Always dreamed of Eva Longoria in a cheerleader’s outfit? Here you go!

Eva Longoria cheerleader

• The Dominican Republic gets dealt a death blow by the Dutch. And here’s the skipper who helped bounce Felipe Alou & Co. from the WBC.

• Q: What’s a life worth? A: The 17th pick in the 2nd round of the NHL Draft.

Dwight Freeney gets an offseason job as Dr. Phil’s limo driver.

• NFL backup QB Drew Olson loses golf tourney to a 14-year-old. Drew, don’t quit your day job.

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Dennis Green Returns To Coaching - Thanks, UFL!

Dennis Green has found his way back to the gridiron sidelines. And just like fellow former NFL coaches Jim Fassel and Jim Haslett, his new employer is the upstart United Football League.

Dennis Green and Clifford

The ARIZONA REPUBLIC further reports that former Chargers defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell will be joining the above trio as field generals for the newest pigskin revolution. So, now that the coaches have been chosen - who’s going where?

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Dennis Green’s Class Is What We Thought It Was

Oh, that we could live half the life Dennis Green has led. He’s been an CFL tailback, NCAA and NFL coach, CEO, philosopher, and warrior-poet. Hell, he’s even got an autobiography: No Room For Crybabies, But There’s Always Room For Jell-O. What would your autobiography be called? I Finished a Spreadsheet? And now, Green adds one more item to his life’s resume: college professor.

Dennis Green
(”Yes, I will conduct this class in front of an NFL microphone. No, I don’t know why.”)

According to CBS MARKETWATCH, Green is teaching a sports business management course at San Diego State. It’s for SDSU’s MBA program, and they put out a press release for it, so this is hardly a matter of a man trying to excuse himself from the spotlight; Green’s actually a rather savvy self-promoter.

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Blog-O-Rama: Dennis Raking In Green After Rant

Darren Rovell of CNBC shouts out word that Dennis Green’s “They were who we thought they were” rant has become quite the cash cow for the ex-Cardinals coach.

Dennis Green and Clifford

Maybe Mike Gundy can make the same kind of mad moolah.

• WALKOFF WALK isn’t buying Jason Giambi’s excuse for his bruised eye - “I walked into the bathroom door at the hotel and split it open.”

• THE SCORES REPORT sadly says to CC Sabathia, “No no-no for you!”

• DEADSPIN gets Hollywood on the phone, as former NBA big man Mark Eaton has a screenplay to sell.

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