Kiffin Cuts Vols Senior After Attending Baby’s Birth

Oh, Lane Kiffin, what will you do next? Whether it’s calling Florida coach Urban Meyer a cheater, or telling a recruit he’ll end up pumping gas if he chooses South Carolina, the Tennessee coach has certainly brought a lot of attention to his program. But as Lane would admit himself, any publicity is good publicity. And just when you figure Lane can’t top his latest Rocky Top escapade, he proves us wrong yet again.

Lane Kiffin Demetrice Morley

This week’s Kiffin calamity? The Vols coach kicked Demetrice Morley off the team for missing practice. And why did the senior safety skip out on some scheduled spring drills? Because he was off witnessing the birth of his child.

So, a player misses out on one little practice to welcome his new bundle of joy into the world, and Kiffin cuts him? How typically lame of Lane. Well, it might appear that way, but there’s much more to Morley’s story.

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