It’s Just A Flesh Wound! Jeff Bennett Is A Bad-Ass

If you’re a pitcher trying to make a name for yourself in the majors, in my book there’s only one thing smarter than punching a wall really, really hard. That’s when, discovering that you broke your hand during your temper display, you decide to hide the injury from the trainer by pushing the protruding bone back in, and then going back out to pitch. Oh, yeah.

Jeff Bennett

Unfortunately, Jeff Bennett isn’t pitching with the Atlanta Braves at the moment, and that’s a shame. He was placed on the 15-day disabled list after his injury was finally discovered by the Braves, and will have surgery to insert a pin in the break in his fifth metacarpal below the base of the pinky finger of his non-pitching hand. But if I’m ever in a brawl with five New Zealanders, give me Bennett as backup every time. He broke a bone in his hand, pushed the freakin’ thing back in and went back out to pitch the seventh. That’s so “Braveheart.” Read more…