Patrick Still Trying To Pick Up That Internet Thing

SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY, one of our favorite sites, has an exclusive with Dan Patrick this week. SBD is a pay site, so we’re not going to mention much about it (subscribe silly!), except for two small things.

Dan Patrick Sean Salisbury

When asked to describe the weekly column he’ll be writing for SI, Patrick said: “It’s going to be a column that the editor, Terry McDonell, said he would like to think is dangerous. I think it just reflects my personality.

We’ve thought a lot of things about Dan Patrick, but dangerous isn’t one of them.

Patrick is also asked what websites he visits every day. He listed “ and”

We then went to to try to remember why we haven’t visited there in years. Upon hitting the URL we were reminded why: Down

The site appears to have been down for over a year: Down

So that explains the pacing of Patrick’s radio show.

If we had to pick between Patrick and Rick Reilly on TV, we’d pick Patrick. For print, it’s Reilly (who is now at ESPN). Nothing makes sense anymore.