Blog-O-Rama: Kim K. Contends Reggie’s No Cheat

• SHOW STALKER informs us that Kim Kardashian trusts Reggie Bush not to cheat on her, no matter what one questionable gossip website says.

Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush

•  PEREZ HILTON sizes up SbB’s Jose Canseco web exclusive yesterday.

• REAR NAKED NEWS kicks up word that for last weekend’s Elite XC CBS show - the one where Kimbo was Sliced up in 14 seconds - the MMA organization didn’t get a dime, as all revenue went to the TV network.

• Over on his YARDBARKER blog, Baron Davis tells us how much fun he’s having as a new member of the Clippers. Such a great attitude can help us all get through these tough post-Elgin Baylor times.

• SPORTS ILLUSTRATED tunes in to a ruling from the FCC that Comcast should allow the NFL Network to be carried on their basic cable tier.

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NHL Opening Night Hysteria Features Def Leppard

How much does the NHL still wish it was 1988, when Gretzky and Lemieux ruled the world and teams actually scored goals? So much that they’re centering their annual kickoff (or “face-off” I guess) event around a concert by timeless butt-rockers Def Leppard. For just $35, you can watch the boys rock the Fox Theatre in Detroit as the Red Wings begin their season at home (the game will be shown on a big screen at the theater).

Def Leppard

While “metal” and hockey have always gone together well, it’s amusing to read Joe Elliott trying to convince himself that they planned on their new single being a hockey anthem all along. Because, as we all know, British guys just can’t get enough hockey.

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