Tony Allen Receiving Death Threats. Yes, Plural

They may be leading their series with Chicago, but the Boston Celtics are having a bitch of a first round in the NBA Playoffs. First, Kevin Garnett’s knee put him out of commission for the entire playoffs, then Leon Powe blew out his own knee, then Rajon Rondo’s ankle began to betray him - he was carried off the court after the Celtics crushed the Bulls on Thursday. But at least those guys are, y’know, alive.

Tony Allen
(Don’t laugh; the towel is bulletproof.)

That’s not so assured for Tony Allen, though. Even though the team is in his hometown of Chicago, he’s probably thinking they can’t get out of there fast enough; according to the BOSTON HERALD, Allen has been receiving death threats since his return home. Unfortunately, it looks like the threats are fueled by the most dangerous of human emotions: revenge. Read more…

California Man Arrested For Pedroia Death Threats

Back in November 2008, Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia was the toast of his northern California hometown of Woodland. The town’s favorite son had just been named American League MVP and the entire Pedroia family was celebrated as a sort of royalty by proxy. Parades were held, banners were erected, and one would presume that sales at the family’s tire emporium were never better.

Since then, however, the Pedroias’ star has dimmed a bit in Woodland.  In January, Dustin’s brother Brett was arrested on child molestation charges, never a good thing for a family’s reputation. Last week, Dustin called his hometown a “dump” in an interview with BOSTON MAGAZINE. Now, 47-year-old Kenneth Samuels has been arrested for making death threats against the Pedroia family at the Woodland tire emporium they own and operate.

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Trade Rumors Bring Death Threats To Soccer Star

Let’s be clear: things are different across the pond when it comes to sports. Oh sure, you might think Americans are fanatical about their favorite team. But come on, what’s so big about wearing replica jerseys on casual Friday or, like, tailgating? Anyone can dress poorly or drink on a Saturday morning. It takes a special kind of stupid to love your team so much that you start calling in death threats to the best player just because he might leave. England, you win.

Jermain Defoe

That’s Jermain Defoe, and he’s quite good at soccer (or what they call “the foot’s ball”). He’s also probably too expensive for his club, Portsmouth to keep on the payroll. So with the transfer window looming, rumors are flying about whether Dafoe will go to Spurs, Man City, or Juventus. Pompey fans are understandably upset about the impending departure, but calling in death threats while he’s still on your team? Guys, you’re doing it wrong. Read more…

L.A. Coliseum Commissioners Receiving Death Threats Over USC Talks Impasse

LA COLISEUM BOARD MEMBERS RECEIVING DEATH THREATS: USC’s attempted threats to move out of the L.A. Coliseum and into the Rose Bowl have become a laugh and a half in La-La-Land. But some people aren’t finding it funny:

L.A. Coliseum

The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports that members of the Coliseum’s governing board have been receiving death threats and other unpleasant messages from fans angry over the talks impasse.Commission members claim many of the complaints were encouraged by a posting on USC’s website.

The haggling and arguing come down to a matter of control. The Trojans want a master lease to the stadium as its primary tenant. The commission wants to keep the park available for additional events, like soccer matches, and are even holding out hopes for the return of the NFL.

USC Coliseum Vote

The state of California, who owns the Coliseum land, is calling on officials to come to a quick agreement. But it really remains to be seen if the Trojans will follow in the footsteps of the Rams and Raiders and walk away from Exposition Park.At least the Dodgers will be back - for one whole game.

Nebraska Defensive Coordinator Gets Death Threat, 81067 Suspects In Case

NU D-COORDINATOR DEATH THREAT HAS 81,067 SUSPECTS: The LINCOLN JOURNAL-STAR reports today that Nebraska defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove regrettably received death threats on his office voice mail after the Huskers gave up 76 points in a loss to Kansas on November 4.

Nebraska Memorial Stadium

It’s going to be an uphill battle for the police to nab the coward who made the calls, especially considering there are 81,067 suspects.