Video: Did ATL’s Mike Smith Deck DeAngelo Hall?

After a confrontation with Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith and Falcons strength coach Jeff Fish during today’s Falcons-Redskins game, Redskins defensive back DeAngelo Hall said he planned to “get on the horn” with Roger Goodell and that there “needs to be repercussions” for what the Atlanta staffers did. Hall, from the ASSOCIATED PRESS:

Mike Smith and DeAngelo Hall Confrontation

(Did Mike Smith deck DeAngelo Hall?)

I’m going to get on the horn with commissioner Goodell, and we’re going to figure out a way how to nip this in the bud. It’s different with me coming in trying to break stuff up, and as a strength coach, if you coming at me and you’re trying to get (expletive) licks, that ain’t how you do things.

They need to have some repercussions, and something needs to happen to them, too. I’m definitely going to get on the phone with some of my guys up there, and we’re going to try to figure out a way to nip this thing in the bud.

The incident stemmed from Hall jumping into an altercation on the Falcons sideline following a late hit on Atlanta QB Matt Ryan by Hall’s Redskin teammate LaRon Landry.

Did Mike Smith deck DeAngelo Hall?

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Rick Pitino Pays Woman $3,000 To Have Abortion

Rick Pitino paid $3,000 to escape the possibility of parenthood with the woman accused of extorting him. Will Louisville keep Rick in the Cards?

Rick Pitino Pat Forde Karen Sypher

• No wonder Reggie Miller has been so smitten with Ali Kay - she’s quite the fashion designer.

• The Pittsburgh Steelers show their own version of the shotgun formation.

• Kids at a Virginia basketball camp learn that Michael Vick is a wholesome, blameless creature.

• Whoever took it, please give Baron Davis’ laptop back - he has some “private images” he’d like to keep private.

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I’m Suspecting DeAngelo Hall May Dislike Al Davis

OK, I’ll admit it: I use a small radio blaring Colin Cowherd’s radio program to keep raccoons out from underneath my house (also works with Bill O’Reilly and Latin Fusion). But every once in a while something occurs that’s worth tuning in to upstairs … thank goodness DC SPORTS BOG is listening, so I don’t have to.

DeAngelo Hall, Al Davis

Here’s Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall, discussing the prospects of having Jason Campbell as the team’s No. 1 quarterback, and most interestingly, how he feels now that he’s escaped the Oakland Raiders. To say that he rips Al Davis and the Silver and Black is an understatement.

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DeAngelo: Al Davis Even Nuttier Than We Thought

DeAngelo Hall has no ill will toward the Oakland Raiders; they did, after all, pay him $8 million last season even though he only played eight games. But Hall, now with the Redskins, isn’t above telling a humorous Al Davis story when prompted.

Hall was on WJFK radio in Washington, D.C. where, among other things, he told of the infamous press conference last year in which Davis outlined his grievances against fired head coach Lane Kiffin, and introduced Kiffin’s replacement, Tom Cable. One rather hilarious problem, however: Davis didn’t seem to know exactly who Cable was. Read more…

Speed Read: Brady, Gisele Get Hitched In Hiding

So much for US WEEKLY and the glamo-celebrity gossip mags finding ways into weddings where people don’t want them there. According to the website for the aforementioned weekly dose of celebritant glitz,, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen — arguably the most beautiful woman in the world — were married yesterday in Santa Monica. And none of the celebrity mags were there to cover it, despite the wedding being held right under their noses.

giselle bundchen victorias secret

The ceremony was called a small, private affair in Santa Monica’s St. Monica Catholic Church, where only relatives, including his son (with ex Bridget Moynihan) John Edward Thomas Moynihan, were attendees.

giselle bundchen horse

So, what does this mean for the rest of us? Well, it means you get to see pictures of a gorgeous woman here at the top of the Speed Read. And it means that we can all finally put this ridiculous, inevitable Brady-Bundchen marriage behind us and forget the constant media subterfuge both Brady and Bundchen have been spreading for months.

Of course, Brady wasn’t the only living Boston sports legend in the news yesterday, even though the other one-name star doesn’t play at Fenway Park anymore. According to a snippy Dodgers press release sent out at 8:30 p.m. last night (Pacific Time, so it was already 11:30 on the East Coast), Manny Ramirez’s agent, Scott Boras, rejected the team’s latest contract offer via written letter.

Naturally, this is no surprise to everyone who’s been keeping tuned to Manny whims and wanes here. Brooks predicted he wouldn’t sign before spring training back in December, and his later prediction that ManRam would start the season without a team is looking a lot more likely by the day.

Manny Ramirez pray

Now we know: The best way to piss off a team’s owner and GM is to reject their “improved” contract offer via letter, not by phone call, e-mail or signing telegram. Just listen to Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, when asked about negotiating for Ramirez.

“We love Manny Ramirez,” McCourt said, “And we want Manny back, but we feel we are negotiating against ourselves.  When his agent finds those ‘serious offers’ from other clubs, we’ll be happy to re-start the negotiations.”

Perhaps more significant is McCourt’s line that he feels Los Angeles will now start from scratch. What exactly does “start from scratch” mean?  Will the Dodgers call Boras’ bluff and scale back offers to less money for a single year deal? And what will Ramirez do if he’s facing a deal three years short and $5 million lower per year than he was expecting in the offseason? Does anyone really think he’s going to kill himself playing for a deal he feels will “disrespect” his talent?

The answer to both the yes or no questions is probably “no”, with a solid “who knows” when you consider Ramirez’s potential reaction to what he figures is a bad deal. Regardless of how it turns out, Thursday’s developments are bound to be bad news for Dodgers fans. The only question is just how damning it will be for the team’s hopes in 2009 and 2010.

Of course, L.A. fans could have it worse: They could be in Chicago, one of America’s foremost sports towns that happened to lose two living legends in the same day. According to the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, legendary Bulls player and broadcaster Johnny “Red” Kerr died Thursday of a long battle with prostate cancer. Kerr did just about everything in his career, winning an NBA title (with the Syracuse Nationals, the only one that team would ever earn), becoming an All-Star, coaching the Bulls, working in Chicago’s front office and, perhaps most memorably, providing some of the country’s most captivating color commentary.

johnny red kerr

It’s far too easy to call Kerr Chicago’s basketball answer to Harry Caray, but that’s not fair to either Windy City legend. Yet perhaps it’s fitting that Kerr used the first name Red. He may not have built the Bulls the way Red Auerbach did the Celtics, but he might be almost as important to the franchise.

Yet things got even worse for the Bulls on Thursday, with fellow Chicago basketball legend Norm Van Lier found dead in his home at age 61. There’s no word of what killed the former Bulls guard turned pregame and postgame commentator, but it took his current colleagues at COMCAST SPORTSNET to search him out at his apartment, where he was pronounced dead.

As with Kerr, “Stormin’ Norman” wasn’t a perfect role model for Bulls future, past and present, but his competitiveness was unrivaled. That in itself made him a compelling figure, and his swagger never hurt, either. Just check out the interview below from MOUTHPIECE SPORTS last year, and you start to see why Bulls fans loved him so much.

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Report: DeAngelo Hall Signs Deal With Redskins

Adam Schefter at reports the Redskins have signed DeAngelo Hall to a one-year contract. Hall was unceremoniously released by the Raiders earlier this week.

DeAngelo Hall Oakland Raiders Signs With Washington Redskins

(With defense like that, Hall’s transition to ‘Skins should be seamless)

Mike Florio of PRO FOOTBALL TALK adds the deal is “for the same prorated $1 million salary he would have received if he had stayed in Oakland. We’re also told that the contract contains a commitment that the Redskins won’t use the franchise tag on Hall in 2009.

His selection of the Redskins resulted in part from the fact he grew up close to Washington, and that he was a Redskins fan while growing up.

Great news for Dan Snyder as he’s finally found a Redskins fan who can’t have his tickets bought out.

Speed Read: Tony Parker Drops A Double-Nickel

I knew that Manu Ginobili’s injury would lead to a few more scoring opportunities for Tony Parker this year. But I don’t think anyone thought he’d be putting up 55, even if it was on the T-Wolves. The Spurs needed all of those points too, as they struggled to get by Minnesota 129-125 in double OT.

Tony Parker Eva Longoria wedding

Parker’s big night overshadowed Amare Stoudemire’s 49-point performance in Phoenix’  113-103 win over Indiana. He became the first player in 34 years to have at least 49 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists, and 5 steals in a single game. He was 17-of-21 from the field. LeBron James was the third member of the 40-point club on Wednesday, putting up 41 in a 107-93 win over Chicago after showing up to the arena in a Barack Obama t-shirt. This guy who was at the game also likes Obama, and links him to another national symbol of change (remember when Derek Anderson was popular?):

Obama/Quinn fan

Ball State got to showcase its football program on national TV for the first time this season last night, pounding Northern Illinois 45-14 to go to 9-0 on the season. The Cardinals are 17th in the BCS standings right now, with three fellow BCS-busters standing in their way (Boise State, Utah, and TCU). But should the others falter and the Cards find their way into the top 12, they could still potentially get into a BCS game. They got a big lift from injured receiver Dante Love (pictured below), who was with the team for the first time since his career-ending spinal inury and took part in the coin toss. Even if the Cards miss out on the BCS party, this has been a season of unprecedented success for the school in Muncie, Indiana.

Dante Love

Now, moving on to football teams that are having the exact opposite of unprecedented success, the Raiders have decided the key to turning things around is to cut a guy they just signed to a seven-year, $70 million contract after eight games. DeAngelo Hall won’t be getting anywhere near that much money from the team due to the nature of NFL contracts, but Al Davis did have to give up second and fifth-round draft picks to acquire him from the Falcons. The SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS’ Tim Kawakami has had a hate-hate relationship going on all year with the Raiders, and he runs with yet another opportunity to unload on Davis.

• So, that Patriots cheerleader who was booted from the team for allegedly anti-Semitically marking a friend with a sharpie? She told TMZ last night that she’s not the one who drew on him, and that being a “passed-out drunk guy with a bunch of stuff written on him” was actually his Halloween costume. She also says she didn’t see any of the offensive things drawn on him. She’s still apparently out of a job, but I’m sure she’ll have a real tough time finding new employment if she walks around wearing this:

Caitlin Davis

• A 13-year-old Chelsea soccer fan was tragically killed in Rome on Monday when a tree fell on him during a thunderstorm on his way to a Champions League match, according to the DAILY MAIL. He was supposed to die in a violent clash with Milan fans when he was 34, not like this.

• The Sex Cannon may be returning to the bench as soon as this weekend. PRO FOOTBALL TALK reports that Kyle Orton thinks he might be able to play this weekend against the undefeated Titans.

• ESPN 1360 in Cincinnati quotes Carson Palmer as saying that he’s “slowly getting closer” to making a decision about whether or not he’ll play again this year. He thinks it should take him about eight more weeks. He’ll definitely know by then.

Jason Varitek had a horrible year at the plate and will be 37 in April. So, naturally, Scott Boras is asking for somewhere in the neighborhood of four years and $50 million for his services. FANHOUSE says the Sox are unlikely to offer anything close to that (wisely), and may have to part ways with their team captain.

• CBS4 in Denver says the Broncos took a day off from talking trash to reflect on the Obama election. Brandon Marshall manages to not call out Obama for his dancing style.

• Florida sophomore point guard Jai Lucas has decided to transfer, just as the season is about to get underway. Lucas, the son of ex-NBAer John Lucas, was the starter last season for the Gators and was expected to have the same role this year.

• Buried in this Ken Rosenthal piece about the baseball offseason is how the ludicrous four-year, $48 million deal Carlos Silva signed with the Mariners last year will haunt teams in negotiations this winter. Basically, any starting pitcher who can throw the ball over the plate without dying will want at least that much, since Silva’s basically the worst possible guy you can have on the mound to start a baseball game. Oliver Freaking Perez is going to end up getting $15 million a year because of this.

• This may be stretching it a bit, but baseball and softball officials believe that the election of Barack Obama might help get the two sports back into the Olympics in the future. Reps for both sports say that “anti-Americanism” was a factor in being voted out of the 2012 London games, according to ESPN.

• RAISE THE JOLLY ROGER is ecstatic that Nate McLouth won a Gold Glove. I mean, the words “Pirates” and “award” don’t usually appear in the same paragraph. But then comes the realization that by most fielding metrics, McLouth was one of the worst outfielders in all of baseball this year.

• And finally, it’s not that impressive that a jogger in Prescott, Arizona jogger ran a mile. It is impressive, however, that she ran a mile with the jaws of a rabid fox attached to her arm.

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Raiders’ Hall Will Put Up $70 Mil On Vick Behaving

OK, Michael Vick is leaps and bounds better than JaMarcus Russell. He may even be a decent guy, at least in his interactions with species of a non-canine persuasion. But how desperate do the Oakland Raiders have to be for a quarterback that they’re already campaigning for him to be starting behind center next year?

Michael Vick

(At least we know he looks good in Raiders colors.)

It’s one thing to voice support for a friend and former teammate. It’s another entirely to peg your contract to a felon making it on the outside. While Vick can throw a mean spiral, nobody can throw good money after bad like cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who’s willing to put up his $70 million contract as collateral that Vick won’t get into trouble with the law if the Raiders sign him.

Who should the Raiders start at QB in 2009?

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WR Smith Talks Smack About Departing DeAngelo

Just because DeAngelo Hall may soon be off to Oakland, it doesn’t mean the former Falcon’s heated rivalry with Steve Smith will be cooling off.

DeAngelo Hall Steve Smith

ESPN’s HASHMARKS hears a quick quip tossed out by the Panthers receiver on the Raiders-bound DB. Smith was on Sirius NFL Radio on Monday, when he was asked if he would miss the departing DeAngelo:

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Vick Awaiting Alge’s Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Steve Wyche of the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION has a silver lining on the Falcons’ vomit-inducing season: Atlanta players will be able to visit Michael Vick in prison that much sooner.

Free Mike Vick Poster

Excerpt: “Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall said he and other players plan to visit quarterback Michael Vick in prison.” Hall said, “I think a couple guys are going to go up there to Virginia, get a chance to go see him. We all talked about [doing it] when the season was over. The season is over. We’ll try to formulate a plan to get up there to see him.”

Tight end Alge Crumpler and other players thought about visiting Vick earlier when he turned himself in, but because of time limits on visits, the players decided allow those moments soley for Vick’s family members.

More Hall: “It’s probably going to be real tough for him. I know when I spoke to him before training camp started, being told he wasn’t going to be able to come to training camp crushed him. He loved this team more than anything.”

We’re surprised Wyche didn’t mention that the only possible stumbling block to multiple Vick visits by Falcons players is undoubtedly the limited golf course choices near Vick’s prison.