SbB@3: Seven Deadly Sins And Five Killer Locks

Some Web sites offer you “insider” information on which teams to put money on during the week’s big football games. But only Sports by Brooks has the ultimate insider: Jesus Christ. That’s right, each week Our Lord and Savior will descend from Heaven to offer His insight into the week’s top games. And with over 60 percent of all college and NFL players attributing their success to Him, no one is more qualified to pick winners.

jesus christ, sports handicapper

I know that some of you might be wondering why I’m spending my time giving out football betting advice. After all, in between curing the blind, feeding the hungry and consulting with my Dad on whether Allen Iverson should play for the Grizzles, don’t I have enough on my plate? But here’s the thing: being the son of God might be cushy, but it doesn’t pay the bills. Let’s just say these robes don’t dry clean themselves, especially if you get the nice satin ones and not the itchy polyester ones.

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