ESPN: Davis Stiffs Kiffin, Won’t Honor His Contract

Al Davis didn’t even wait for the blood to dry on Lane Kiffin’s chair before finding someone to replace him. NFL.COM’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the Raiders will name offensive line coach Tom Cable as their new head coach at a press conference later this afternoon. As for Kiffin? Chris Mortensen is reporting on ESPN.COM that he was fired over the phone - and without pay.  In fact, Mortensen said that the Raiders don’t intend to honor Kiffin’s contract, which he said “happens occasionally. It happens mostly with Al Davis.”

New Raiders coach Tom Cable

(New Raiders Coach Tom Cable also familiar with stiffing players - @ UCLA)

Cable was one of several candidates THE SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS reports interviewed for the job last night, including offensive coordinator Greg Knapp and Raiders special consultant Paul Hackett. The fact that Davis interviewed Hackett, who singlehandedly almost destroyed USC, tells you all you need to know about the direction the Raiders are heading.

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