Kan. Senate: KU Won’t Play Teams Starting In “B”

If you’ve been watching college basketball the past three days, you probably noticed that, among the other teams on upset runs (Temple, Syracuse, enter your own favorite here), Baylor is getting some notice. The Bears are on a tear, and they’re one win away from a Big XII title and return berth in the NCAA tournament after upsets of both Kansas and Texas. The state of Kansas didn’t exactly take the news all that well: According to THE GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPION, Kansas state senator David Wysong sponsored and pushed through a resolution that says Kansas no longer has to play teams whose name starts with the letter “B” in March.

Kansas fans swearing

(What you didn’t know is that the expletive started with the letter “B”.)

If it makes Kansas feel any better, this Baylor upset thing is happening to other teams, too. Unless Missouri wins the conference title, the Bears will pull off three-straight big upsets. So, why are Wysong and his colleagues stoking up so much attention? Well, maybe they have other matchups in mind. Think about it: This resolution also gives the Jayhawks an out if they have to play Butler, Boston College, Boston University, Bowling Green … the list goes on and on. And there’s precedent for this “KU being upset in March by a team starting in ‘B’” thing. Remember Bucknell and Bradley? Clearly, Wysong never saw those teams coming.

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