Ex-NHLer Who Planned To Kill Agent Up For Parole

In 2004, former St. Louis Blues & New Jersey Devils player Mike Danton was sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison for trying to arrange a murder-for-hire plot. The intended target was Danton’s agent and former youth hockey coach David Frost, a not-so-pleasant person who would mentally & physically abuse players and force them into underage sex orgies. (Even better, Frost got away with it - the Canadian courts found him not guilty of the sex charges.)

Mike Danton David Frost

(Danton [L]; Frost [R])

But ever since Danton was incarcerated in a Minnesota corrections facility, he’s been petitioning to be transferred to a prison in his native Canada. Over four years later, Mike was finally given his wish, and sent to Kingston Penitentiary in Ontario. And now that Danton is back under the wing of Canadian law, he’s now eligible for full parole.

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Hockey Coach Not Guilty of Group Sex w/Players

David Frost, former junior hockey coach and NHL agent with tentacles allegedly so deep into former NHL player Mike Danton that Danton tried to hire a hitman to kill Frost, could not be proven in an Ontario court to have used some or all of those tentacles in group sex with his junior team members and their girlfriends, ages 14-16.

Apparently, the prosecutors could not get anyone but the girls (now in their late 20s) to admit to the orgies.  Without any other evidence, the judge found the delightful Mr. Frost not guilty.

David Frost, gentleman and scholar

Frost’s attorney, Marie Henein, claimed the Crown couldn’t prove Frost to be a controlling and conniving sadist who abused young boys through emotional and physical abuse, thus negating the other half of the requirements for sexual exploitation of youth.  This seems unlikely as the Canadian press has spent much of the last decade doing just that.

His lawyer also noted, in case the judge or anyone else listening might have grown confused and actually thought orgies were happening under Frost’s watch that he shouldn’t have that held against him (as reported here earlier):

Group sex, Henein also said, is common in the hockey world, and “Mr. Frost didn’t invent it.”

Well, there you go!  If a crime is unoriginal, then you don’t have to be punished for it.
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Lawyer: Group Sex “Common” For Hockey Players

A couple of weeks back, Brooks brought us the latest disgusting situation hockey agent/coach David Frost has found himself in. To recap: Frost allegedly directed some of his players (who were teenagers) to participate in group sex with the other players and their girlfriends (who were also underage), all while Frost watched and sometimes participated himself. Not surprisingly, this has led to Frost getting arrested and put on trial.

David Frost

(Pretty easy to see how you could get under his spell, right?)

As the trial came to a close yesterday, the Canadian government (which they call “the Crown” when it comes to court proceedings — how cute) says that Frost had such a psychological hold over his players that they had to ask his permission before having sex with their girlfriends. The players, for what it’s worth, have refused to testify against their “mentor.” And while all of this is fascinating stuff, the key argument of Frost’s defense is a real doozy. Even that crazy lawyer Annie Potts plays on Law & Order wouldn’t try to pull this one off.

If convicted, which punishment does David Frost deserve most?

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Junior Hockey Shock: Three-Way Underage Sex?!

The TORONTO GLOBE & MAIL is closely covering the sexploitation trial of former Canadian junior hockey scumbag coach/agent David Frost. Frost is currently in a small-town Ontario court facing  “four sexual-exploitation offences, two of sexually touching the two players himself, directly or indirectly, and two of inviting or inciting the young women to sexual touching.

Mike Danton David Frost

This is the same Frost who once presided over the career of former St. Louis Blues prospect Mike Danton, who became so distraught with Frost’s treatment that he planned Frost’s murder - and is now serving 7+ years in prison for the offense.

The details of the current accusations against Frost are almost beyond belief. The first bombshell came this week from the prosecutor, and her accusation of “three-way sex” involving Frost and his “then-young charges.Read more…