Monty: Court Gagged Pics, Vids Of ‘Sexual Nature’

Tuesday I reported that European Ryder Cup Captain Colin Montgomerie had been granted an injunction by London’s high court to gag U.K. media outlets from publishing embarrassing photos of him.

Paula Tagg Colin Montgomerie Photos

Wednesday I reported that Montgomerie’s former girlfriend, Paula Tagg, was thought to be the person behind the possible embarrassing material featuring Montgomerie.

Sports Illustrated’s reported today that Montgomerie was indeed granted that injunction in London on July 8, with it applicable only to material in Tagg’s possession.

The gag order, reportedly granted by Mr. Justice Eady, legally bars Tagg from revealing, “the private details of a personal, intimate and sexual relationship … concerning acts of a sexual nature … any such information recorded in the form of a photograph or still image or moving images.Read more…

Report: Ex-Girlfriend Behind Monty Tabloid Story?

Thanks to some online investigative work by Ryan Ballengee at, we now have a U.K. main media outlet reporting that one of Colin Montgomerie’s ex-girlfriends may be behind the embarrassing photos that reportedly spurred Monty to allegedly obtain a superinjunction from London’s high court against U.K. tabloid NEWS OF THE WORLD.

Paula Tagg Colin Montgomerie Photos

Last month, Charles Sale of the LONDON DAILY MAIL wrote:

These distractions may have something to do with Monty’s former girlfriend, model Paula Tagg, having taken advice from PR and publicity ringmaster Max Clifford - with the concern being how any story about Monty will impact on his preparations for the match against the United States at Celtic Manor in October.

Clifford is a reknowned celebrity publicist in the U.K. who has plenty of experience in representing clients in various snits involving News of the World and other tabloids. Read more…

CBS Reporter Feherty: Monty Is Blocking Tabloid

Earlier today I cited several transatlantic sources in reporting that European Ryder Cup Captain Colin Montgomerie has allegedly been granted an injunction by London’s high court to block embarrassing photos of him from being published by the British tabloid NEWS OF THE WORLD.

Dan Patrick Show Colin Montgomerie David Feherty

In addition to my report, CBS golf reporter David Feherty said today on the Dan Patrick Show that Montgomerie has indeed obtained, “an injunction filed to keep this story out of the newspapers.

More Feherty on the injunction:

You can do it in the United Kingdom for a certain length of time but the chances of this remaining a secret until after the Ryder Cup I think are just zero. I’m not sure what’s going on, but it’s not very good.

The 2010 Ryder Cup is being held from Oct. 1-3 in the United Kingdom - at Celtic Manor Resort on the outskirts of Newport in South Wales.

The full transcription of the interview and audio of Patrick and Feherty on Montgomerie’s situation is below.

Dan Patrick:I’m hearing there’s a story in the News of the World and it has to do with a prominent golfer. Have you heard anything about the player filing an injunction against the newspaper to keep the story out of the press?Read more…

CBS Golf Analyst In Hot Water Over Pelosi Joke

The golf community seems to get their knickers in a bunch when it comes to borderline tasetless jokes, which is a shame because it seems like that’s the only time most of us pay any attention to golf.

Nancy Pelosi, Osama bin Laden

But CBS golf analyst David Feherty got off a pretty good one at the expense of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate majority leader Harry Reid. And predictably, the outrage meter is in the red.

The joke goes, “If you gave any US soldier a gun with two bullets in it, and he found himself in an elevator with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Osama bin Laden…”

(Punchline after the jump.)

Read more…

Brog: Bradley’s Outburst - What You Don’t Know

I’m reporting for duty today from the Florida Panhandle, with designs on driving to East Texas later tonight. ETA for L.A. is Saturday night, just in time for … sleep.

By now you know about Milton Bradley beserking on Royals announcer Ryan Lefebvre over innocuous (and true) on-air comments the broadcaster made about him last night. What you don’t know about this story is what makes it wildly ironic.

Ryan Lefebvre

(Lefebvre: Class act who has overcome his own personal demons)

I had the pleasure of working with Ryan as a Royals broadcaster during the 1999 season. Great guy and a true professional. Before I met him, Ryan had gone through some tough times with alcohol, and since escaped his own personal demons. Here’s a quote from him last month - from a piece about his charitable Footprints Foundation:

Through some difficulties that I had in college and after college, I just found myself drawn to go to church; just to have the emptiness filled up with God and not with alcohol, or drugs, or women, or possessions. God just laid down a path for me that allowed me to be influenced by mentors and people who have given me a good example.”

Ryan’s comments about Bradley came from a different place than the typical MLB broadcaster. And if anyone has insight into what Bradley is obviously wrestling with, it’s Lefebvre. So Lefebvre is the last guy Bradley should be irate at.

The only thing now that’s going to help Bradley get himself straight is to get away from all the baseball-borne enablers. Perhaps the Rangers will be smart enough to do that. But with the year on the field that Bradley is having, I highly doubt it.

Yesterday I heard Michael Wilbon live on WAXY-AM in Miami address the the online pix posted of him - together with porn stars - at a L.A. party. Wilbon went on Dan Le Batard’s afternoon show and threw a wet blanket over the fun that his PTI fill-in wanted to have with the piccies (Wilbon also talked briefly about it on PTI - and was slightly more jocular).

Michael Wilbon Porn Star Party

Le Batard was initially giddy when asking Wilbon about the photos, but the minute the WaPo columnist made it clear that he didn’t want to discuss the pay-for-sex-staffed soiree in detail, Le Batard’s tone suddenly took on a more subdued (and boring) tenor.

Wilbon’s cell phone soon after crapped out, and Le Batard, instead of trying to get his ESPN colleague back on the line, said goodbye to him on-air, even though it was clear that Wilbon had been disconnected and couldn’t hear him.

I’m wondering, if Wilbon had been willing to have fun with the DEADSPIN-found photos, do you think Le Batard would’ve suddenly dumped the interview? And by the way, we completely agree with what Le Batard did. He had the entertainment quotient of the show in mind.

In case for some reason you don’t know, Wilbon famously despises all manner of blogs, which is why he had no interest in discussing the pictures in the first place. Read more…

American Troops In Iraq Recognize Golf Announcer Feherty From Video Game

DAVID FEHERTY’S LIFE CAN FIT INTO A SHINY, LITTLE BOX: USA TODAY has a cool recounting of a PGA Tour representatives visiting the troops in Iraq last month. Tom Watson and Tom Lehman were the headliners, but CBS announcer David Feherty probably scored the highest recog factor with the young soldiers.

David Feherty Tiger Woods PGA Tour Videogame

Excerpt: “The troops recognized Feherty — or at least his voice — because he does voiceovers on EA Sports’ Tiger Woods video game.“Feherty, who is from Ireland, had glowing praise for those videogame mavens: “(I was) stunned by the competence and intelligence of every single soldier we met. The smartest people America has are in Iraq.

That might be a little exaggeration, but if we hung around the people who came up with the FedEx Cup, we’d probably be saying the same thing.