MILF Medalist Torres Might Swim 2012 Olympics

Beyond Michael Phelps, perhaps the most stunning achievement in the pool at the Beijing Olympics was 41-year-old Dara Torres winning three silver medals while being twice the age of most of her competitors. It was an amazing accomplishment, and at the time looked like the perfect end to an incredible career.

Dara Torres

But it turns out that Torres might not be finished yet. AOL FANHOUSE says the MILF medalist told Bob Costas on his “Costas Now” show that she hasn’t ruled out attempting to make the 2012 Olympic team and compete in London at age 45.

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I Want To Believe That Duchovny Could Do Better

Being an addict means not caring where you get your fix, as long as you get it. For an alcoholic, that would mean drinking anything that will get you drunk, whether it’s Jim Beam or grain alcohol. For a hardcore gambler, it’s having action on games featuring teams you’ve never heard of. And for a sex addict, it’s sleeping with anyone regardless of who they are or how they look. Which might explain admitted sex addict David Duchovny’s choice for his alleged affair as reported by STAR MAGAZINE: his tennis coach, former Loyola Marymount tennis player Edit Pakay.

Edit Pakay David Duchovny

(Edit Pakay? More like Nick Bakay)

While you might think that “28-year-old Hungarian tennis coach” sounds hot, Pakay’s seems to fall more on the Amelie Mauresmo side of female tennis player attractiveness than the Ana Ivanovic side, as you can tell by the picture from this bio from her playing days.

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