Attorney Wants To Loosen Goodell’s Grip On NFL

Ask any sports fan who the most ruthless, iron-fisted commissioner in pro sports is today, and 99% of them will say it’s the NFL’s Roger Goodell. The other 1% will respond with Kenesaw Mountain Landis; though Landis was the most prodigious wielder of the banhammer that baseball has ever seen (and that’s even without the “Black Sox”), he also died 64 years ago. Those people are over 90 years old and just plain senile.

David Cornwell
(PROTIP: You can always trust a lawyer in jeans. It’s science.)

One attorney thinks Goodell’s powers are excessive, however, and he’s looking to put the whole damned system on trial. David Cornwell, a sports attorney who just so happens to be a finalist to replace Gene Upshaw as the NFLPA’s executive director, wants to appoint an independent arbitrator to review decisions made by the commissioner. Oh, this won’t end well. Read more…