Sir Blog-A-Lot: Dick J. Harrasses Female Blogger

Stephanie Stradley knows more about the Texans than most anyone I know. Including Richard Justice (obviously) and perhaps he’s jealous. Via FANHOUSE and Steph’s first-hand account, we find out that Justice has been referring to her — a blogger, no less! — on his radio show as a “Fatal Attraction” like stalker. Way to be, Dick.

Richard Justice

MMA Mania tells us that Jon Koppenhaver will NOT lose his nickname: SO 6 weeks ago I filed a change of name request and today I had court to make my name officially WAR MACHINE. lol. F*ckin’ funny right? Didn’t really wanna have to do it but I am sure as hell not lose MY nickname.”

THE DAILY NEWS passes down the word that Patrick Ewing, Junya, will be the newest member of the Knicks. Aw, just like Dad. Now if he can fail to win anything meaningful, have his knees collapse and end up gawking at cheerleaders coaching, we can use the phrase “full circle”. Fun times.

MISTER MITTENS gloveslaps any Giants fans who think that David Carr is going to perform like this during the regular season. (Shameless, I know.)

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Athletes Getting Rocky Mountain High w/Hookers

Who knew Bill Belichick would have such a gay ol’ time in Beantown?

• Things to do in Denver when you’re dead-set about getting some hookers & blow:

Dinger Colorado Rockies Mascot Cocaine

• Going Washington Post-al: Tony Kornheiser & Michael Wilbon are cheesed at DC SPORTS BOG’s Dan Steinberg.

• Keeping abreast of Jessica Canseco’s topless sunbathing habits.

Tony La Russa knew about Scott Spiezio’s speeding & spewing since early January, yet did nothing about it.

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Football Won’t Scuff Carr’s White Gloves Anymore

The decidedly uninspired David Carr era in Carolina came to an even less ceremonious end yesterday, as the ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that No. 1 pick of the 2002 NFL Draft was released by the already QB-thin team, which just last year signed him to a two-year deal to compete with Jake Delhomme and whichever 90-year-old passers they were intent on picking up midseason.

David Carr in his super machosensual white gloves

Turns out the Panthers aren’t too pleased with his QB rating hovering somewhere in the mid-50s and, despite the gloves, his puzzling disinterest in jazz hands. Read more…