Limbaugh, Soros Strange Bedfellows In Rams Bid

So it turns out that one of the other investors in Dave Checketts‘ potential St. Louis Rams ownership group is George Soros, the left-leaning billionaire who once vowed to use all his wealth to help defeat George W. Bush in the 2004 Presidental election. Soros and Rush Limbaugh, on the same team? What extraordinary bedfellows NFL capitalism begets. Montagues and Capulets, living together … utter chaos!

George Soros, Rush Limbaugh

If nothing else, it just goes to show what formidable financial interests are at stake here, and why it’s no surprise that Limbaugh was left behind at the nearest bus stop once the heat was on. Whether the criticism of Limbaugh was fair or not, billionaires tend not to want a spare albatross as a necklace when trying to buy big, expensive things. Kind of ironic that the unchecked capitalism that Rush so openly worships is what ultimately did him in.

Meanwhile, Limbaugh took to the airwaves today to say that, when Checketts first approached him about being an investor, Checketts assured him that he (Limbaugh) had been “cleared by the highest levels of the NFL.” Wow, somebody’s lying. Read more…

Can Rush Limbaugh Rescue The St. Louis Rams?

Your new owner of the St. Louis Rams: Rush Limbaugh? I suppose one’s first reaction to this might be horror … will cigars and painkillers be freely dispensed in the locker room? Will Rams fans be known as Dittoheads? Defensive coordinator Michael Steele?

Rush Limbaugh

A group headed by Limbaugh and Dave Checketts made an offer to purchase the troubled franchise on Monday, and reaction around Rams Nation has been mixed. But when you think about it, isn’t Limbaugh exactly the kind of owner you’d want? Read more…