McNabb Approached Eagles About Adding Vick?

In Dave Chappelle’s timeless “Killin’ Them Softly” standup special, he describes his plan for avoiding assassination if he were ever elected President: get a Mexican vice president. It’s funny because it rings so true, that black people in high profile jobs who are subject to the whims and vagaries of public opinion often face added pressure and scrutiny - and rarely have a safety net when it comes to protecting themselves from the type of opposition that seems awfully similar to racism.

Michael Vick Donovan McNabb
(Welcome to your worst nightmare, haters.)

To that end, we were a little confused by CBSSPORTS.COM’s recent column saying Michael Vick’s signing by the Eagles was something of either a warning shot or a slap in the face to Donovan McNabb. Considering the language of the deal makes it heavily likely that Vick won’t spend more than a season in Philadelphia, it seems more like Vick was, among other things, insurance for McNabb against his most virulent of haters. Like a, “oh, you hate McNabb for being black? Just wait till you see his backup!” situation.

So while we don’t really know all of McNabb’s underlying motivation, we do know we weren’t terribly surprised to read McNabb’s recent blog entry at YARDBARKER saying he had personally approached the team about signing Vick earlier in the offseason.

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