NFLers Beware: Big Brother Is Always Watching

The No Fun League is becoming the No Privacy League. Not content to monitor and penalize players for their actions in front of tens of millions of viewers, teams are now keeping an eye on their employees everywhere from locker rooms to hotels to nightclubs. And they’d better be good, because Santa Goodell knows if they’re being naughty or nice.

Roger Goodell

(”What? A cornerback just ordered a Long Island Iced Tea somewhere? I’m on it.”)

Hannah Karp of the WALL STREET JOURNAL took a look at the measures in place to protect the image of a league with $7 billion in revenue, and finds some methods that could be considered draconian. I’ll admit I was surprised that around 10 percent of NFL players have been arrested. But even more surprising are the Orwellian lengths some teams will go to to keep their golden geese out of trouble.

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