Meet Hilary Rhoda - Mark Sanchez’s Photo Friend

• Wondering who that bikini-clad brunette babe is in Mark Sanchez’s GQ photoshoot? Wonder no more - say hello to Hilary Rhoda.

Hilary Rhoda

• The L.A. Clippers win the 1st pick in the NBA lottery. Can’t wait to see how they screw it up this time!

Najeh Davenport won’t take any crap from thieves trying to steal his car.

Joe Montana gets a coaching gig with his son’s high school football team.

• It’s funny when a Mets fan loses a gold tooth in a Citi Field toilet. It’s even funnier when the same fan gets her arm stuck in the same toilet.

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Sex Offender-Turned-JC Footballer Kills Himself

Last year, we brought you the tale of Darryl Stephens, the Pasadena City College football player who had been kicked off the team once it was discovered that he was a convicted sex offender and had been practicing and playing with the team while wearing a court-mandated GPS device on his ankle. According to the PCC COURIER, things have taken an even more tragic turn: Stephens was found dead on Monday of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Kenny Lawler Darryl Stephens sex offender inset

Being kicked off the team last year apparently freed Stephens from any responsibility he might have felt to keep himself out of trouble. The PASADENA STAR-NEWS says that he was wanted in a May 5 shooting in San Bernardino that left one man dead. Police suspect that Stephens shot and killed Darron Henderson after Henderson tried to break up a fight “between two parties.”

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JC Coach Suspended Over Sex Offender Player

A sign your college football team might have some troubled players: one of them is wearing a GPS tracker ankle bracelet. That’s just what was going on at Pasadena City College, where the PASADENA-STAR NEWS is reporting that the head football coach has been suspended after news broke that one of his players was a convicted sex offender.

Kenny Lawler Darryl Stephens sex offender inset

(PCC football coach Kenny Lawler; sex offender Darryl Stephens [inset])

Kenny Lawler has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation after he allowed Darryl Stephens to join the team, despite a past conviction for “assault with intent to commit rape in concert with another using force or fear.” The PCC COURIER school newspaper notes that Stephens had been wearing a GPS high-risk sex offender ankle bracelet on-campus.

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