Hallelujah, Syracuse Fans: Greg Robinson Axed

Upstate New York, your long, regional nightmare is over. Greg Robinson, architect of the most frightening program collapse since, like, ever, has finally been fired. The firing is effective at the end of the season, which is mercifully near.

Mikhail Marinovich hookah
(”Our coach just got fired? I’ll smoke to that!”)

Calling Robinson’s resume “abysmal” would be a genuine compliment; his 9-36 record is Syracuse’s worst in modern football history and it’s unlikely that he ever coaches another game. His offenses are miserable, player attrition is high, and his players are even opening up hookah bars now.

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Syracuse AD Gives Coach Vote Of Zero Confidence

If what Detroit Lions vice chairman Bill Ford gave Matt Millen yesterday was a vote of “no confidence,” then what do you characterize what Syracuse AD Darryl Gross told Ivan Maisel at ESPN.COM about embattled head football coach Greg Robinson? A vote of “no future?” Or perhaps a vote of “please do the honorable thing and quit now so I don’t have to get my hands messy and fire you?”

Greg Robinson

“It isn’t working out,” Gross said of Robinson. “It’s very disappointing … He has some work to do out in front of him.”

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Does Syracuse Want Lane Kiffin To Be Carroll 2.0?

When it comes to hiring football coaches, Syracuse AD Darryl Gross has a checkered track record. Yes, he was the person who ultimately brought Pete Carroll to USC when he was the Associate Athletic Director, single-handedly revitalizing a crumbling program. The head coach most responsible for driving the Trojans to the brink of total collapse? Paul Hackett, also a Darryl Gross-led hire.

Lane Kiffin and Otto the Orange

So if you’re an Orangemen fan, you have the right to be skeptical about Gross’ decision-making, especially as his hire at your school, Greg Robinson, has taken the program from mediocre to pitiful. So squeamish Syracuse fans might want to avert their eyes when I tell you who the POST-STANDARD is reporting Gross might be targeting as your next head coach: Lane Kiffin. Yes, the guy whose job status with the Oakland Raiders is about as tenuous as a banker with Lehman Brothers.

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