Kim Kardashian Plays Some Football at the Beach

Kim Kardashian tosses the pigskin while showing some skin of her own:

Kim Kardashian beach football

Hilary Rhoda, the marvelous model in Mark Sanchez’s GQ photoshoot, is apparently dating the Jets QB.

• A lawyer who’s previously represented many Denver Broncos players is now defending those responsible in Darrent Williams’ shooting death.

Eric Naposki: From NFL linebacker to murderer of a millionaire.

• NASCAR suspends Carl Long for 12 races & fines his crew chief $200,000 for using an engine that was too big.

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Broncos Lawyer Tied To Darrent Williams’ Killer?

While fans may boo when a formerly loyal player suits up for another team, everyone recognizes that it’s just business. It’s not life or death. But what is life or death is the murder of Darrent Williams, and a key figure has been playing for both sides.

Darrent Williams

Harvey Steinberg is the official-unofficial Denver Broncos lawyer, having represented their players at every recent opportunity. He’s also defending the man whose SUV was allegedly used in the drive-by shooting of Williams, and who police say is the gang boss of the triggerman.

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Carl Landry Suffers Gunshot For No Good Reason

Pride is a hell of a thing. For its timeless role as the third leg of the sporting tripod - next to athleticism and rules, if you were curious - it’s still above all else a deadly sin. It’s what drives overreactions and escalations on scales large and small. It was also on the back of every jersey of a rival football team when I was growing up, which led to some spectacularly easy incest jokes. But I digress. Pride can be good, but pride can just as easily be lethally dangerous.

Carl Landry
(Doing just fine, all things considered.)

Take, for example, Houston forward Carl Landry. While driving home this morning after a Monday night game against New Orleans, Landry was involved in a small collision with another car just southeast of downtown Houston. When Landry got out of the car to inspect what damage, if any occurred, he was shot at twice by the occupants of the other car, one bullet striking his leg. The damage was relatively light - a flesh wound that’ll keep him out for about two weeks - but it’s still just about the dumbest thing we’ve heard this week. Read more…

Suspect Indicted In Murder of Broncos DB Williams

A suspect has been indicted in the murder of Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams.

Willie Clark Darrent Williams

(Willie Clark [L], charged in the murder of Darrent Williams [R])

The DENVER POST reports that Willie Clark was named in a 39-count indictment on Wednesday, including two charges of first-degree murder, for the shooting death of Williams outside a Denver nightclub on New Year’s Day 2007.

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Walker Chose Vegas Over Teammate’s Memorial

Javon Walker is still recovering after his June 16 Vegas assault & robbery, but the Oakland Raiders say their receiver should be fine & ready to go by training camp.

Javon Walker Broncos

However, Walker may have avoided his Sin City beatdown had he attended a fundraiser for a fallen former teammate instead. Read more…

Shula Not Sure on Parcells; Don’t Block Big Brown

Sasha Vujacic’s final shot gave grief to gamblers? You can bet on it!

Don Shula wonders if new Dolphins prez Bill Parcells is so good, why does he keep changing jobs?

Don Shula Bill Parcells

• Best not to block Big Brown during the Belmont, or his trainer’s gonna shoot somebody.

• A high school wrestling coach has been let go after his assistant was trying to suplex Muslim students into Christianity.

• Good to see Jenna Jameson staying in practice for her profession.

• A letter intercepted in jail may help solve the murder of Denver Bronco Darrent Williams.

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Darrent Williams’ Killer Gives Letter Confession?

Darrent Williams’ killer allegedly wrote a letter to a gang leader, telling him that he would not admit to the 2007 murder and confirming that he fired the shots. That letter was allegedly intercepted by a fellow inmate and delivered to the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS in hopes of collecting part or all of the $100,000 reward offered by the Denver Broncos for information regarding the slaying.

Darrent Williams

The ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS called in a handwriting expert to apparently confirm the letter came from the hand of Willie Clark, in jail pending drug charges and one suspect in the unsolved murder. The ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS convinced the unnamed source that brought them the letter to allow prosecutors to take the letter.

He now lives out of state, moved by authorities, and refuses to testify until money comes from the Broncos or the state’s attorney’s office to also move his family to safety.

And now more about why it took so long to get this seemingly crucial piece of evidence and how the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS was possibly involved with that delay:

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