China Demands Silence From Jennie Finch, Others

Sure, Americans are superficial, but in terms of national sensitivity, no country is more image-conscious than China, and nowhere was it more evident than the 2008 Olympics. Their ceremonies were–to put it mildly–extravagant and the precision and execution of the games themselves were testaments to a discipline nonpareil.

Jennie Finch
(Quick, China, cover your eyes and ears! She’s about to express an opinion!)

But there are significant (potential) sources of embarrassment for China, not the least of which include human rights concerns, Tibet, Darfur, and I’ll just stop now before they treat SbB like they did Jennie Finch and a handful of her fellow Olympians. USA TODAY reported today that before the Olympics, China put together a list of “potential troublemakers” on the American squad and asked American officials to squelch any possible demonstrations. Touchy much? Read more…

China Bans NBA TV Because It’s ‘Too Entertaining’

As we first spotted on TRUEHOOP, the NBA playoffs have disappeared from Chinese television sets following the devastating earthquake in Sichuan province in China on May 12th. Once normal programming returned to the Chinese state sports station, the NBA reappeared for only one game before being replaced. The explanation from the head of the station?

China Bans NBA TV

“These games are not in accordance with the atmosphere of the nation after the devastation of the earthquake. They are too entertaining” Jiang Heping, director of the state TV sports channel, told Reuters.

“We did show one game but then we were informed not to continue.”

Henry Abbott’s TRUEHOOP readers go on to refute that, claiming other sports programming replaced the NBA tilts. Their explanation? The Chinese government holds a grudge about a letter signed by many NBA players last season (but not swoosher LeBron James) at the request of Lakers guard Ira Newble to protest Chinese support of the Sudanese government through weapons sales and trade agreements (a.k.a. oil).

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