Sean Avery Denies Making Comments About Maple Leafs Player Suffering From Leukemia

AVERY DENIES MAKING FUN OF PLAYER BATTLING CANCER: Hockey tough guy and stick enthusiast Sean Avery is taking off the gloves in his most vicious fight yet - he’s suing a Toronto radio reporter for libel:

Sean Avery ref

The NEW YORK POST skates over the news that the Rangers winger denies making pre-game comments about a Maple Leafs player suffering from cancer.

Howard Berger of The FAN 590 reported that during warmups, Avery made remarks about Jason Blake’s battle with leukemia. Leafs teammate Darcy Tucker didn’t appreciate the words, and went after Avery. The two were separated but later fought it out in the 1st period.

WAY OFFSIDE slides over video of both the in-game and pre-game fisticuffs between Avery and Tucker:

The TORONTO STAR reports that Avery is meeting with the NHL front office about Saturday night’s skirmish, and could face possible fines. And it’s not the first time his mouth has managed to get the roughneck in trouble.Avery previously denied accusations that he called Georges Laraque, who is black, a “monkey” during a 2005 game.

Despite the threat of legal action, Berger says he stands by his reporting.

Elisha Cuthbert

All of this, just because Elisha Cuthbert dumped poor ol’ Sean. Well, he can always comfort himself in his lovely cashmere throw.