Dolphins Cheerleaders Unveil New Bikini Calendar

• A hip-hop remix of the team’s fight song by T-Pain can’t ruin the joy of the release of a new Miami Dolphins cheerleader bikini calendar.

Miami Dolphins cheerleaders

• The NFL preseason is underway, and Sunday’s opener was pretty uneventful - save for the most perfectly executed fake punt you’ll likely see.

• Another Michigan Wolverine is off the team. It has to be RichRod’s fault, and not that failed cocaine deal-turned-dorm arson attempt.

• Ohio State LB Tyler Moeller is out for the season after suffering seizures this past weekend.

• The SEC is turning into MLB when it comes to new rules of broadcasting highlights & online media of its games.

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Dara Torres Will Make You Crash Your Helicopter

Remember that weird-ass plane crash that happened over the Hudson River earlier this weekend? Helicopter meets plane meets fireball of death?

Dara Torres copter crash

Turns out one of our most beloved Olympic heroes was closer to the crash than we might have imagined. Dara Torres, of all people, was two days away from adding “the late” to the front of her name. Read more…

Gerrard Used to “Go Ugly” When Going After Gals

• Before coupling up with cutie Alex Curran, Liverpool soccer player Steve Gerrard used to pursue his gals by following the mantra of “Go Ugly“.

Alex Curran

(I don’t think Steve is “going ugly” anymore.)

• At least the Lakers are one step closer to holding up their end of the deal for a Kobe-LeBron finals.

• MLB All-Star Voting: It’s like “American Idol” without any Simon Cowell!

• San Diego State students show off what they’re made of when they let themselves unwind in with a late night Undie Run.

• Too bad they didn’t have this race when Reggie Grigsby Jr. was with the Aztecs - then maybe he wouldn’t have been shot by his policeman dad after attacking his mom.

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Dara Torres And Her Milk Mustache: Would You?

The United Milk Council or whatever the hell they’re called (apparently it’s the “National Milk Processor Board”) recently released a Milk Mustache promotion starring Dara Torres. Observe:

Dara Torres milk ad

(”Dairy Torres”! Now there’s a zinger!)

So. A 41-year-old mother of two looking like that. Normally when you think of women in their 40s showing off, it’s in those quasi-fake-reality “Milf Hunter” videos where… [Dude. Can we go one post without you talking about your addiction to pornography?–ed.] Sorry. Can’t help it sometimes. [Just stay on topic, that’s all we’re asking.–ed.]

Anyway, Dara’s looking insanely fit, but is that your thing?

Dara Torres: would you?

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MILF Medalist Torres Might Swim 2012 Olympics

Beyond Michael Phelps, perhaps the most stunning achievement in the pool at the Beijing Olympics was 41-year-old Dara Torres winning three silver medals while being twice the age of most of her competitors. It was an amazing accomplishment, and at the time looked like the perfect end to an incredible career.

Dara Torres

But it turns out that Torres might not be finished yet. AOL FANHOUSE says the MILF medalist told Bob Costas on his “Costas Now” show that she hasn’t ruled out attempting to make the 2012 Olympic team and compete in London at age 45.

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Oprah’s Next Big Endorsement: Chicago Olympics

If the International Olympic Committee is anything like Oprah Winfrey’s stay-at-home mom audience, Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid is a shoo-in. Her Midas Touch has made Dr. Phil a wealthy man, given Barack Obama a huge boost in his quest for the Presidency and now she’s helping Chicago pitch its bid for the 2016 Olympic games.

Tickets for seats at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion will be distributed today beginning at noon at the park for Wednesday’s taping of an “The Oprah Winfrey Show” episode featuring swimming sensation Michael Phelps.

Phelps will be joined by more than 150 Olympic medal athletes, including gymnast Nastia Liukin, swimmer Dara Torres, basketball player Kobe Bryant and beach volleyball players Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh. Read more…

Brog: Parents Buying Athlete Seed For Offspring?!

Tuesday ESPN’s “E:60″ will examine the lengths some people will go to have more athletic kids.

Jose Canseco as a baby

ESPN: “E:60 correspondent Tom Farrey exclusively reports the story about the ultimate effort to buy athletic advantage – the purchase of sperm from anonymous donors who are college athletes. He visits the world’s largest sperm bank, California Cryobank in Los Angeles, where the seed of Division I football, basketball and baseball players sells fast. Farrey also speaks with families who purchased the sperm of a former tight end, and he addresses the question: How do expectations change when parents know their child is born with the DNA of an elite athlete?”

So what type of down-and-outer person, athlete or no, is selling their sperm?

Jose Canseco sticks out tongue


Farrey also has a book out on the subject, and appeared today on KSPN-AM’s “Mason & Ireland” show in Los Angeles today to talk about the ESPN piece.

John Ireland to Farrey: “How many people are breeding kids specifically to be athletes?”

Farrey: “I’m not sure they’re breeding to create elite athletes. They’re folks who are lesbians or same sex couples or mothers who never found mister right or it’s a heterosexual couple who can’t have kids on their own. So, they go to the sperm bank and they go through the catalog. And inevitably, when you’re like, ‘OK, what are we going to pick?’ … you end up picking the stuff you prioritize and you value and there are a lot of people out there who want their kids to have athletic traits.”

The main ethical question when it comes to this game of offspring roulette is if prospective parents should be allowed to know the identity of the sperm donator. So long as they don’t, I don’t see anything wrong with knowing the occupation and/or athletic history of the contributor. Problem is, if someone is donating sperm for money, what’s the odds that individual has a current occupation? (See Todd Marinovich.)

Yes, we’ve all heard over the years about Warren Sapp being a social cripple. Not to mention a man of questionable personal hygiene. So with that, I was delighted today at his selection to the latest lineup of “Dancing With The Stars”. Though I would love to see him plague survive the entire competition, that might be a little too much to ask, considering he’ll be dragging around a hazmat-suited partner.

Warren Sapp Dancing With The Stars

In all seriousness, one media source close to the Raiders told me today that Sapp has always been known for raging, 100-yard halitosis. In particular, one veteran defensive lineman for the Raiders used to bark out “Breath!” whenever Sapp walked into a room or on the team plane.

That eventually lead to the team’s primary rallying cry last season: “BREATH! BREATH! BREATH!

Sapp thought it was funny, but didn’t know the joke was on him and would bark it out too.

Coincidentally, when Marinovich was quarterbacking the club, the team’s rallying cry was, “METH! METH! METH!

OK, I made that last part up. Read more…

Redford Reels in Rickey Role For Robinson Biopic

Robert Redford has signed on to portray Dodgers GM Branch Rickey in ESPN’s upcoming Jackie Robinson flick.

Robert Redford Branch Rickey

• Annoying analyst Billy Packer is finally sent packing by CBS.

LeBron James’ little “Vogue” cover controversy with Giselle Bundchen didn’t translate into many newsstand sales.

• Nude climbers really know how to get their rocks off.

A-Rod’s marriage quickly crumbling? Scott Boras to the rescue!

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Torres’ Ex Not Enchanted By Her Feel-Good Story

Olympic swimmer Dara Torres has been the feel-good story of qualifying so far, making her fifth Olympics at the age of 41 in a sport favoring those in their teens and twenties. But there’s one person who’s not particularly interested or enthralled by her remarkable feat: her ex-husband.

Dara Torres

The PALM BEACH POST caught up with West Palm surgeon Itzhak Shasha, and he sounds just a little peeved even answering the most basic questions about his ex-wife.

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