Brog: Brooks Uncovers Nude Beach In San Diego

I was thinking about writing about the Olympics today, but I decided to pass when I turned on the telly and the first thing I heard an NBC announcer say was, so-and-so “is the greatest beach volleyball player in Latvian History.” I really, really want to crack open an Oly, but they just won’t let me. At least until that Bolt guy laces ‘em up. (No, I won’t be strapping my balls up for Women’s 30-meter air rifle.)

Blacks Beach Lifeguard Cones

Instead, I thought I’d chronicle my last Sunday, as I tooled around in the San Diego area, deciding eventually to finally visit North County’s notorious nude beach: Black’s Beach.

Blacks Beach Climb

The area is located on the shores below Torrey Pines golf course. (Yes, the same track where Rocco nearly wrecked Tiger coming out of the pits.).

Blacks Beach Nudity Sign

Despite what would’ve seemed to be an accessible location, there is no real easy access to the nudie haven, and it’s impossible to see the the beach up-close from the cliff’s above. So I braved the steep climb down in search of Rick Majerus to see what it was all about.

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