Sports Radio Guy Bedded Down Playboy Playmate

We all know how hot and sexy sports radio guys can be, so it should come as no surprise that MIKE RESPONTS is reporting Vegas sports radio host Paul Howard used to date upcoming Playboy Playmate Monica Chairez:

Monica Chairez

Howard dated Monica Chairez when she was an up and coming Las Vegas model. Now Chairez is scheduled to be a centerfold in an upcoming issue of Playboy

Up and coming Las Vegas model” = Permanent keycard holder to Champagne Room at the O.G..

You’ll be shocked to know that Chairez has since discarded Howard, well before she got her big *break* as a nudie model. We also can’t confirm the veracity of the claim, as Howard’s credit card receipts and ATM withdrawls during the time of the alleged relationship have not yet been made available to the public.

Rory Markas Lauren Sanchez

That unlikely couple reminds of the long-forgotten Rory Markas-Lauren Sanchez (above) coupling here in Los Angeles. … anyone?

And while there are high-fives due all around for Howard, by the looks of Chairez’s test shots, you no longer have to wonder how far Playboy has fallen.

The DALLAS MORNING NEWS reports today that, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo were spotted having dinner with his folks at an Olive Garden in Janesville, Wis.” PEOPLE magazine reports than when the reservation was phoned in, the staff thought it was “a big joke.”

Joe Simpson Beer Helmet

Hey! Leave Jessica’s dad Joe out of this!

Baseball Hall of Fame President Jeff Idelson on the Dan Patrick Radio Show today on if the Barry Bonds #756 baseball will be displayed with the asterisk showing: “We feel it would be disengenious to accept the baseball and display it without the asterisk so that’s what we’ll do.” (audio)

Who do you think will be more irrelevant in five years, Bonds or Marc Ecko?

Not mentioned in our post yesterday about the USA TODAY piece on Mark McGwire: “If McGwire makes the Hall, the Cardinals will unveil the bronze statue of him that is sitting in a downtown St. Louis warehouse.”

Think that statue was commissioned before McGwire refused to “talk about the past” before Congress? (hello world’s largest doorstop!)

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