tosh.Ohh: “God Hates Nick Saban More Than I Do”

Three months ago I posted a piece about two writers on the Comedy Central show tosh.0 who happen to be University of Alabama grads and diehard Crimson Tide football fans.

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Thanks to their background, Alabama, and more specifically, Nick Saban, is often the subject of comedic taunts by show host Daniel Tosh. (Another contributing factor: Tosh is a Miami Dolphins fans still distraught over the dubious way Saban departed South Florida for Tuscaloosa.)

With that context, and the general offensive nature of the show, I suppose no one should be surprised at what Tosh said last night. Read more…

Comedy Central’s Chris Henry Jokes: Too Soon?

Since you upgraded from basic cable in 1987, I recognize you probably don’t know who Comedy Central’s Daniel Tosh is. I on the other hand, thanks to a recent stay at a Hampton Inn just outside Reno, was recently introduced to his intellectually-inspired comic genius.

Comedy Central Chris Henry Joke By Daniel Tosh

Take for instance Tosh recently going Bertuzzi about Chris Henry’s tragic death. Brilliant!

Chris Henry jokes:

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