Circle K Run Turns Into Jail Time For UTEP Players

Apparently, there aren’t any Best Buys in El Paso, TX. I’m saying that because it appears that if you need to buy stereo equipment there, you just wait around at the local convenience store and wait for someone to come up to you with a deal. (Think of it like Craigslist, but with Slushies and day-old hot dogs.) And if you want to steal some stereo equipment, you can allegedly just chill out by the frozen snack section, enjoy a Choco Taco and wait.

Bike stereo system

(I hope the stereo system was a little more hi-fi than this.)

The EL PASO TIMES says two UTEP football players did just that on Monday, allegedly assaulting a man who had approached them at a Circle K with an offer to sell them a home entertainment system. The really strange part is that the alleged victim is a salesman for a local electronics store, which makes it even more curious that he was approaching people at the Circle K about his latest deal. Don’t the have, you know, a store where they can sell people stereos?

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