Danica Patrick Has The Need, The Need For Speed

Danica Patrick has been racing for a few years now, and has only won one race in 65 career starts.  Yet, for some reason, she’s still a big hit with advertisers.  Seriously, as I was typing that sentence I just heard a commercial on the radio for motor oil with Danica talking about how she uses it in both her race car and her regular driving car.  I’m no genius, but I’m guessing her popularity has a lot more to do with her appearance and gender than it does her ability to drive a car.

Unfortunately it seems that Danica is starting to grow frustrated with the fact that she can’t win on the race track.  You know how I told you she uses the same motor oil in both her race car and her regular driving car?  Well it seems as though Danica is having a tough time trying to figure out which car is which, as she was busted for speeding earlier this month in Arizona.

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