Caps/Pens Upstaged by Dane Cook… and Yanni?!?

The NHL, as fans are probably aware, is just getting into the swing of what’ll probably be its best series of the playoffs: the Washington Capitals vs. the Pittsburgh Penguins. The two teams each favor one of the top two players in the league, Washington with Alex Ovechkin and Pittsburgh with Sidney Crosby, and they haven’t failed to impress thus far.

Yanni Penguins Capitals

(The show’s proximity to Game 6 means Yanni’s show will take place in the melted rink. Yanni doesn’t mind.)

Curiously, though, Games 3 and 4 will be on Saturday (in Pittsburgh) and Sunday (in Washington) - a back-to-back/travel situation that’s unheard of in just about any major sport’s postseason. And worse yet, for the sake of all this hockey, they’re missing Yanni: Read more…

Frank Caliendo Is Sorry You Have To Watch Him

I’ve found quite a few things to be annoying about TBS’ coverage of the Divisional Series this season.   Whether it’s having to listen to Dick Stockton butcher names and words constantly, having to deal with Cal Ripken Jr. in the studio show, or hearing that god awful Bon Jovi song over and over (Which town!?  Grow some balls and commit, old man!).   Still, there is one man that has been more annoying than all of them.

It seems as though during every commercial break viewers are subjected to a promo for Frank TV.   TBS must show a commercial for the show at least 20 times during a game, and to be honest, it’s driving me crazy.   Sure, it’s better than having to see Dane Cook all the time, but that doesn’t exactly make it tolerable.   Frankly, I think Frank Caliendo owes us all an apology.   Wait, what?

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Romo-antic Meets Jessie’s Exes at Cosmo Awards

Tony Romo, Dane Cook and John Mayer have something in common - all 3 have been honored as Fun Fearless Males by Cosmopolitan magazine.

Jessica Simpson Tony Romo Dane Cook John Mayer

Oh, and they’ve all gotten jiggy with Jessica Simpson.

The AP dishes out that Simpson’s current beau and two of her exes were among those at Cosmo’s awards luncheon on Monday. When it was Tony’s turn to talk at the podium, the Cowboys QB tried to explain just what made him so fun ‘n’ fearless. Read more…

I Hope This Isn’t Too Hard. That’s What She Said.

Hi, I’m Dave Lozo. Yes, yes, the Dave Lozo. I have a blog. It is called WHY DON’T WE GET DRUNK AND BLOG?. It is funnier than Dane Cook. I realize that’s not saying much, but I don’t want to raise expectations too much.

Brooks Was Here

This post is supposed to be a get-to-know-you deal. I’m supposed to thank Brooks for this great opportunity, blah blah blah. Let me tell you guys a secret. Brooks begged me to do this. Begged. Like a dog. But he finally said he’d be willing to pay me in high-res photos of the SbB girls, and I was sold. What can I say? I’m easy. Read more…

If Anyone Deserves A Sideline Pass, It’s Dane Cook

The BOSTON HERALD reminds us why we absolutely adore Dane “I’m getting fat so I’ll grow a beard” Cook. He was somehow allowed on the field before the Pats-Bolts game:

(Cook flanked by Nick Bakay look-alike contest winner)

Dane Cook, wearing a beard and a snorkel jacket for the 9-degree wind chill, flew in for the championship tilt. He was on the field with Bob, Myra and Jonathan Kraft before the game, taking pictures of himself with his cell phone and posing with state Treasurer Tim Cahill.

Note: Cook, according to Nick Hardwick, was (sadly) the only person on the field not cheap-shotted by Richard Seymour yesterday.