NBA Dance Team Bracket Kills Productivity Again

Finally, the day has arrived when you can wile away the morning pouring over your brackets one last time, submit your answers, and lean back this afternoon in your chair and see how your picks do. You can try to pretend that you’re getting work done today, but you’re not fooling anyone.

Miami Heat dance team

(Last year’s champions; will they repeat or flame out?)

But how can anyone focus on a NBA Dance Team Bracket voting day? It’s ridiculous that anyone would even ask. It should be a national holiday, really. You have been voting for your favorite NBA dance teams, haven’t you? You’re not one of those office party-poopers, are you? Of course not; join the national craze before it’s too late!

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Looking For Major Hotties in The Minor Leagues

MINOR LEAGUE NEWS recently scoured the minors, looking for the next big thing. A baseball prospect will a mighty swing? A hoopster with great court skills?

Minor league arena football dance team

No - a hometown honey who can shake their money makers to major delight.

MLN hopped on the bus and traveled to many Civic Centers, Veterans Parks and Memorial Arenas. At the end of their tour, they called up their selections of the hottest cheerleaders root, root, rooting for the home team.

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