Claim: Stubblefield Threatened To Murder His Ex

KGO-TV in San Francisco reports that Dana Stubblefield is under a restraining by his former fiancee after she accused him of trying to kill her, among other things. After having already lied to the Feds about doing steroids in the BALCO case, Stubblefield could very well be sent to prison if the new allegations is true.

Dana Stubblefield Girlfriend Photos Melanie Wade Photos

(Dana Stubblefield’s ex-girlfriend Melanie Wade)

Melanie Wade was only four days away from being wed to Stubblefield when she backed out of the three-year relationship last month.

To say that Stubblefield didn’t take that rejection well is an understatement. Allegedly. Read more…

Stubblefield Comes Clean About Past Steroid Use

Looks like Barry Bonds will have a San Francisco cellmate, as the ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that Dana Stubblefield has plead guilty to lying about his role in the BALCO steroids scandal.

Dana Stubblefield mud

(Stubblefield finally comes clean.)

In November 2003, the 49er lineman told federal agents he never used the steroid THG, nor did ever have any dealings with BALCO ringleader Victor Conte.

However, the NFL told Stubblefield three days earlier that he tested positive for the substance, and was eventually fined but not suspended by the league, since “the clear” wasn’t a banned substance at the time. And the feds had recovered documents stating that Stubblefield bought stuff from Conte, including THG.

He should have said they were just vitamins.

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