Speed Read: Oregon, Boise Trade Musical Barbs

For a lot of us, tonight is like Christmas, your birthday and finding your Dad’s stash of Swank Magazines when you were 12 all rolled into one: college football starts tonight. And unlike most opening week mismatches, tonight’s marquee match-up should be a doozy, with Pac-10 dark horse Oregon braving possible blindness from the Smurf Turf and the color-coordinated fans to America’s underdog, the Boise State Broncos (current listed as a 3.5-point favorite).

Jeremiah Masoli

But this isn’t just a compelling game between two Top 25 teams with big aspirations. No, these two teams (in my best Jim Ross drawl) Just Plain Don’t Like Each Other, especially after last season’s win by Boise State that featured two Broncos getting ejected and Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli getting KOed by a cheap shot while attempting his first pass of the game. Here’s some video if you want to judge for yourself:

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Blogz: Rampage’s Shredded Tires Can Be Yours!

• Remember Quinton Jackson’s little vehicular Rampage on Tuesday? Well, CAGE TODAY catches someone on Craigslist trying to sell pieces of the UFC fighter’s shredded tires.

Rampage Jackson shredded tire

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS keeps it rocking in their interview with MLB hurler-turned-punk band troubador Scott Radinsky.

• Besides HGH shipping receipts for Roger Clemens, FOOD COURT LUNCH investigates what else Kirk Radomski found underneath his broken TV set.

• RED SOX MONSTER learns that even the ASSOCIATED PRESS isn’t giving Dan Uggla a break from his “uggly”All-Star performance.

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Position Players Prepped For Pitching Predicament

During last night’s 15-inning endurance test at Yankee Stadium, there appeared to be a chance that, at the very least, Red Sox skipper Terry Francona was going to have to figure out which position player he would have had to turn to. The NEW YORK TIMES reports that players such as Evan Longoria and game MVP J.D. Drew were ready to hit the mound.

J.D. Drew All-Star MVP

(Not like he didn’t earn the MVP, but pitching would be icing.)

The AL manager had promised the Devil Rays that Scott Kazmir was not going to be overworked; in fact, he didn’t want to use Kazmir at all.

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Ryan Braun’s Agent Tries for Second Great Pitch

After Ryan Braun secured his seven-year, $51m contract in May, you’d think Braun would be so thankful to his agent that he might give him the summer off. After all, what else does a young man in Milwaukee need? A hookup for Summerfest tickets?


(When we heard there would be agent throwing, we started our own list.)

But no; Ryan Braun is a thankless taskmaster. That’s why he has enlisted his agent, Nez Balelo, to throw to him for the Home Run Derby tonight. It’s not true that Nez has to stand in the sweltering Bronx summer sun in his suit, but CAA (his boss) does require he keep his Blackberry in his glove.
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