Even With Win, No Super Bowl Parade For Steelers

Throughout the annals of American sports, the champion’s ticker tape parade has been a standard reward for hard-earned victory. The imagery is so thick that when you play the “word-association” game with, say “1990s Yankees”, it’s no surprise if confetti is the first thing you think of.

troy polamalu parade steelers
(Don’t expect to see this again if the Steelers win on Sunday.)

Well, that may all be changing now, with the city of Pittsburgh announcing preemptively that, should the Steelers win an NFL-record sixth Super Bowl, the city will not be hosting a championship parade in their honor.

According to Pittsburgh’s WPXI CHANNEL 11, the city has decided against another title celebration because of the unanticipated budget overruns it would cause, meaning that the Steel City is choosing to defend public services over jubilant Steelers fans.

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Steelers Boss Sends Letter to Sour Seahawks Fan

• After their last Super Bowl appearance, Steelers owner Dan Rooney took time to write to a Seattle explaining why the Seahawks weren’t screwed.

Dan Rooney Seahawks fan

Joe Torre backtracks on his Yankees-bashing book.

• Attending monster truck shows can be hazardous to your health.

• Players & fans get wild in a West Virginia girls high school basket-brawl.

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Dan Rooney Won’t Take Crap From Seahawk Fans

The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to be playing for their VIIth Super Bowl trophy in franchise history this Sunday, when they face the Arizona Cardinals in Tampa for Super Bowl XLIII. And now would seem like just as good a time as any to profit off of their former victories. You probably remember that three years ago the Steelers were winning their VIth Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks in Detroit — the hometown of Jerome Bettis! — and the outcome of the game was rather suspicious.

Letter from Dan Rooney

Seahawks fans have claimed ever since that the Steelers didn’t win the game as much as the referees gave the game to them. At the time there was one Seattle fan who wrote a letter to then-NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, and the owners of each team, Paul Allen and Dan Rooney. The letter gave a detailed description as to how the fan thought that the game was fixed so that Pittsburgh would win, and though he never heard back from Tagliabue or Allen, Rooney did take the time to let him know he was a moron. Now he’s selling Rooney’s letter on eBay.

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Steelers For Sale? Team Worth Up To $1.2 Billion

Could the Pittsburgh Steelers, one of the longtime cornerstone franchises of the National Football League, be up for sale?

Pittsburgh Steelers big fans

(A sale of the Steelers could be worth a ton of money)

The WALL STREET JOURNAL reports that the NFL team has been “quietly” shopped around to potential purchasers, as the current owners decide on their future affiliations with the franchise.

The Steelers are run by the Rooney family - five sons of team founder Art Rooney Sr. control 80% of the team, while their cousins the McGinley family own the remaining 20%. But team chairman Dan Rooney is looking to buy out the rest of his clan, and his siblings & relatives are looking to get out of the football business and concentrate more on running their casinos & racetracks & whatnot.

However, Dan’s brothers & cousins are worried that his proposed purchase plan “undervalues the team and takes on too much debt” - especially based on the findings of a Wall Street investment bank about the actual value of the team: Read more…

Steelers Release Wilson After Girlfriend Assault

The PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE reports that the Steelers have released Cedrick Wilson, after the receiver was arrested for punching his ex-girlfriend in the face.

Cedrick Wilson

But just over a week earlier, Steelers linebacker James Harrison was cuffed for assaulting his girlfriend, yet he’s still on the team. Is there some kind of double-standard at Heinz Field? Read more…

Bettis Helped Design Steelers’ Super Bowl Rings

Jerome Bettis revealed on NBC’s “Last Call” that he helped design the 2006 Steelers Super Bowl rings - along with Steelers Owner Dan Rooney.

Bettis: “We just won the Super Bowl, we’re in the locker room, and I say to Mr. Rooney, ‘Who’s designing the ring? I want to know.’ He said, ‘Is it me and you?’ I was like, ‘Yes.‘”

Bettis said Rooney’s vision for the rings “was a little older, (which meant) a lot less bling.