Lions Routed Again, One Loss From Immortality

And then there was one game left. With a now typically dysfunctional effort bereft of any significant quality, the Lions were stomped by the Saints, 42-7, brining a once proud (well, fairly proud) franchise within a single loss of becoming the first team in history to finish an NFL season 0-16. They are truly the team perpetually followed by a wah-wah trombone player, with one crisis leading into the next.

lions zero jersey

(You think he knows that’s how many wins his team has?)

Sure, the winless Buccaneers were bad, and last year’s 1-15 Dolphins were pretty dismal, but these Lions just keep getting worse and worse. In a week when many had targeted the Lions for a potential upset (they were playing another team without any playoff aspirations, the pressure is now fully on to find a win, players will be competing to prove they’re worthy of future roles, etc.), Detroit played with an utter lack of urgency or potential, leaving the game’s outcome beyond doubt practically from the opening coin flip.

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Peyton Manning Looks Average In 34-14 Loss

Typing that headline above was difficult, because I don’t think even the first half has ever been said by anybody ever. Peyton Manning is not average. He is not human. He’s still the guy who had the record for most passing TDs for a few years before last season’s ridiculousness that was Tom Brady and the Patriots*. And yet there he was at Lambeau today, throwing for 229 yards and two touchdowns. The teensy eensy problem with that line is that those touchdowns were for Green Bay, who slapped the Colts around and led by as many as 27 points up until garbage time. 34-14 is your final.

Aaron Rouse says wheeeeee

Yes, the Green Bay offense only outscored Indianapolis‘ offense by a count of 20-14, but the rest of the stats confirm the domination. Green Bay racked up 23 first downs, punted all of twice today (both boomed for touchbacks), and kept the ball for over 33 minutes, tiring a Colts defense that obviously misses reigning Defensive POY Bob Sanders.

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Blog-A-Roni: NBA Outdoor Game A Cold War Affair

• Brett Edwards of AOL FANHOUSE gets chills watching Saturday night’s cold & windy Suns-Nuggets outdoor NBA game.

NBA Outdoor Game

• REAR NAKED NEWS punches up a clip of Rampage Jackson’s big screen debut - heading straight to a DVD near you.

• WALKOFF WALK finds L.A. columnists T.J. Simers and Bill Plaschke taking alternate routes in directing their anger at the Dodgers’ NLCS woes.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS hikes up Tennessee’s only good highlight from their weekend loss to Georgia - the Vols’ Eric Berry flattening Bulldogs RB Knowshon Moreno.

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