Congressman Calls Taylor Mays A “Headhunter”

Oh, sports and politics. You mix together like champagne and sh*t. The latest incident of a politician addressing sports for no discernible reason comes from the House Judiciary Committee, which is addressing the rising evidence of destructive brain trauma in football. That much is okay. Calling out a specific football player, though, come on.

Taylor Mays Representative Dan Lungren

That’s USC All-Universe safety Taylor Mays, whose speed (4.35) and heft (230+ lbs.) make him one of the most violent hitters in recent college football memory. He makes Bob Sanders look like Summer Sanders. He also has a reputation for unclean hits of the helmet-to-helmet variety, one that’s not entirely undeserved. But he’s not exceptionally dirty, so why would a House Representative - from California, of all states - call Mays out as a “headhunter”?

Oh, did we mention the Congressman in question, Dan Lungren (R-Gold River) is a Notre Dame alumnus? Would that help?

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