Audio: Ousted Hawkins Blows Off Final Interview

The ASSOCIATED PRESS, Vic Lombardi of CBS 4 in Denver, Kyle Ringo of the BOULDER (CO) DAILY CAMERA and John Henderson of the DENVER POST report late Monday that Dan Hawkins has been fired as football coach at Colorado University.

Dan Hawkins

CU will reportedly make the move official Tuesday at a press conference.

Henderson reports on the expected immediate replacement for Hawkins: Read more…

Gandhi, MLK, Edison Cost Dan Hawkins His Job

When he was coaching Boise State in 2003, Dan Hawkins said this after a victory over Tulsa:

Dan Hawkins as Gandhi

“If we had knelt on the ball at the end of the game, wouldn’t that have been the end of the game. Yeah, it would have been. But Gandhi didn’t take a knee, Martin Luther King didn’t take a knee, Thomas Edison didn’t take a knee, and I sure as hell am not going to take a knee.”

Those words turned out to be eerily prophetic Saturday in Lawrence as had Hawkins’ Colorado Buffaloes merely taken a knee on all of their offensive plays beginning early in the fourth quarter, they would’ve still avoided blowing a four-TD lead to in losing to Kansas 52-45.

We know that thanks to a beleaguered Buffaloes fan at He calculated what would’ve happened had Colorado taken a knee on every offensive play in the fourth quarter beginning after Kansas scored to make it 45-24 with 11:05 left in the game. Read more…

Paging Passenger Hawkins. Last Call, Dan Hawkins

Dan Hawkins Greyhound Bus

Source: McCartney Waiting In Wings At Colorado

In the past three weeks, speculation has suddenly popped up about the possibility of Colorado football coaching legend Bill McCartney replacing Dan Hawkins as the Buffaloes current head coach.

Bill McCartney

It isn’t coincidence.

On Sept. 2, McCartney did everything but say he wanted Hawkins’ job in a column by Mark Kiszla of the DENVER POST. A selection of his quotes:

“A football coach is a football coach. I’ve been out of it 15 years, and it never goes away. I think maybe I can still do it. I think like a football coach. I smell like one. I never stopped missing football. If the game is in your blood, it never passes you by.”

Of being 70-years-old, McCartney added, “You know, my mom is 100. So the genes are good.”

Kiszla, who early in his piece noted that McCartney still lives near Boulder, wasn’t nearly as shy in making his intentions known, writing: “If the team truly wanted to win, the decision would be a no-brainer. Hiring Coach Mac would be a bonanza.Read more…

3 Yrs Left On Deal, Hawkins Requested Extension

Appropriate that Colorado football coach Dan Hawkins calls Boulder home as the coach recently proved he has some series stones.

Dan Hawkins

(No road wins in 147 weeks, 3-9 last year, 16-33 … okay, I’ll stop)

Kyle Ringo of the The BOULDER (CO) DAILY CAMERA reports that Hawkins, who is under contract until 2012 and has gone 16-33 in his career at CU - 3-9 last season - recently confirmed on the record that he had requested a contract extension.

In a meeting of head coaches in the Colorado athletic department earlier this summer, a senior staff member asked the Buffs` head football coach if there was one thing the department could do to help his program succeed this season, what would it be? Multiple sources in the room that day told the Camera Hawkins responded by saying the school could give him a contract extension.

Nearly as stunning as his tone deaf request was Hawkins confirming the conversation on the record. Read more…

KU Chancellor Calls Out Nebraska About Big 10

Doug Tucker of the ASSOCIATED PRESS has details on the action the University of Kansas is taking to try to save the Big 12 conference.

Tom Osborne

(Tom Osborne Holds Key To Future Of Big 12 Conference)

Recognizing the defection of Nebraska to the Big 10 could create a mass exodus of Big 12 schools to the Pac-10, Kansas chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little called Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman today to “urge” her counterpart to keep the school in the Big 12.

Gray-Little said she planned to call Missouri chancellor Brady J. Deatonwith the same message.”

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Denver Media Reports: Hawkins Will Not Be Fired

UPDATE: Official, Hawkins back for 2010.

UPDATE: CBS 4’s Vic Lombardi Tweets Wednesday night: “We know the decision…do you really think Bohn is gonna fire Hawk on Thanksgiving? C’mon. He’s coming back.

UPDATE: Maybe the Hawk isn’t grounded after all, as the big Denver newstalk radio station, KOA-AM, is reporting this afternoon that Dan Hawkins will return as Colorado coach next season.

CBS 4’s Vic Lombardi in Denver today is reporting:

Dan Hawkins Crashes And Burns

Two sources inside the CU football progam told CBS4’s Vic Lombardi that Hawkins recently met with Unversity Chancellor Phil DiStefano and came away from the meeting with the understanding that he’s safe for another year no matter what happens on Friday against Nebraska.

Lombardi also reports “Colorado Athletic Director Mike Bohn said he could not confirm anything until he returns to Boulder on Thursday.

But wait, there’s much, much more!

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Catch Of The Year: Mizzou WR’s 1-Hand “Snatch”

UPDATE: Florida’s Riley Cooper also made a jaw-jacking grab in the UF-UGA tilt. I matched up videos of both catches today for you to decide (vote on) which was better. I still say Jackson’s (below) was the superior haul.

Missouri’s Jerrell Jackson is your leader in the clubhouse for college football’s catch of the year.

Jerrell Jackson Catch Missouri Receiver Against Colorado

Mizzou is currently blowing up Colorado in Boulder, just a day after embattled Buffs Coach Dan Hawkins proclaimed, “I’m going to be here a long time.”

Doing what, Dan?

Video of catch after jump. Read more…

Speed Read: Sleazy Vick, Caylee Dolls Draw Suit

I think I’ve found the world’s worst person: his name is Jaime Salcedo, and he’s the owner of Showbiz Productions in Jacksonville, FL. He first made a name for himself by selling the “Vick Chew Toy,” which is not related to the one the St. Paul Saints gave away. In fact, if you read the fine print at the toy’s Web site, it’s not even Michael Vick at all. Crazy how someone could get that idea, right? Check out the promotional video for yourself:

So while the toy and it’s cutting-edge “dog material” might be an overpriced, one-note joke aimed at making a quick buck, it’s not really horrible. Now, creating a doll based on a toddler who was gruesomely killed by her mother, that would be hideous. Folks, let me introduce you to the “Sunshine Caylee Doll,” also a creation from the monstrous kitchens of Showbiz Productions, meant to be a “tribute” to slain Florida two-year-old Caylee Anthony.

Caylee doll

Of course, as Salcedo told Fox News, he wanted to be sensitive to Anthony’s memory, so he made sure the doll had little resemblance to her - even if it did play her favorite song “You Are My Sunshine” when you pressed its stomach. After all, making the doll look like Anthony would be “too morbid.

But Salcedo wanted to make sure everyone knew he wasn’t a heartless slime trying to make money exploiting dead toddlers and mangled dogs. He was also a philanthropist, pledging to donate portions of the sales of the Vick Chew Toy to local animal shelters and $5,000 from the sales of the Sunshine Caylee Doll to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Well, Salcedo did make a donation to that last group: for a grand total of $10. And it seems evident that no donations were made to local animal shelters from sales of the Vick doll. So not only was Salcedo making money off of products in horrible taste, but he was pulling a big grift by using charity donations that never happened to support sales.

Finally, someone is doing something about it: the JACKSONVILLE TIMES-UNION says the Florida Attorney General’s office is suing Salcedo for $20,000 for making false advertising claims, and seeking an injunction against further sales of the dolls. Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum said that using a respected organization such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as a front makes things even more reprehensible:

“Any company that intentionally misleads innocent consumers to believe they are contributing to worthy charitable causes is absolutely reprehensible,” he said. “It is disgusting that a company would exploit a tragic situation for personal gain.”

Of course, when you consider that Salcedo himself estimates that he sold at least 200,000 Michael Vick dolls at $7.77 each (grossing more than $1,500,000), a $20,000 fine feels like a slap on the wrist. I know times are tough, but the people of Jacksonville can’t band together and find the time and money to get the supplies needed for a good old fashioned tar and feathering? I’ll even chip in and by the first barrel of tar.

Crowds at the Masters

Meanwhile, there wasn’t much going wrong on Thursday during the first round of The Masters, unless you consider the appalling traffic. Despite assurances by government officials that the kinks that led to significant traffic snarls at the beginning of the week had been worked out, the AUGUSTA CHRONICLE says that traffic was even worse for the opening round, leading to headaches such as a local doctor having to run three-quarters of a mile to make a speaking engagement at the course.

At least it was perfect weather for a run, and also for shooting a low score: it was the second-lowest scoring first round in tournament history. The Day One leader is Chad Campbell, who set a tournament record with birdies on his first five holes and flirted with history before back-to-back closing bogies left him at 65, one stroke ahead of Hunter Mahan and Jim Furyk.

How crazy was the scoring on Thursday? If Phil Mickelson had shot 73 in last year’s first round, he would have been tied for 29th, five shots off the lead. Instead, he starts today tied for 51st, looking at an eight shot deficit. Even the over-50 crowd was getting into the scoring act: Larry Mize sits in a tie for fourth after a 67, while the group at 70 includes Greg Norman and Bernhard Langer.

Also firing a two-under: Tiger Woods, who probably could have been near the top of the leaderboard if one of five or six putts go in instead of burning the lip of the cup. The other main contender we previewed yesterday, Padraig Harrington, also had a quietbut efficient round, going one lower than Woods. Even Gary Player, in his final Masters, shot a respectable 78. In fact, every player broke 80 except for New Zealander Michael Campbell, who must feel great that even Craig Stadler’s portly butt beat him by three shots.

Finally, Andrew Bynum’s comeback from a knee injury might not be on par (get it?) with Tiger Woods’, but it couldn’t come at a better time for the Los Angeles Lakers. The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports that Bynum looked comfortable and healthy in his return after missing 32 games from a torn MCL, racking up 16 points and seven rebounds in just 21 minutes as the Lakers blew past the Nuggets, 116-102. Which begs the question: Could his injury actually have been a break for the Lakers, as their center is now rested and not worn down by the rigors of a long regular season?

  • A few weeks ago, we told you about the Fifth-Third, a 4,800 calorie, four-pound burger that is the new entry at the concession stands at West Michigan Whitecaps games. CNBC says that the gut-buster made its debut last night, with 107 of them being sold. Of the 32 people who tried to eat the whole thing, 17 were successful. Lord, I don’t want to know what the toilets looked like around the seventh inning stretch.
  • darren rovell fifth third burger

    (CNBC’s Darren Rovell ponders the glory of the Fifth Third Burger)

  • LOCKDOWN CORNER says that former Green Bay Packers lineman Syd Kitson is trying to create the world’s most environmentally-friendly city somewhere in Florida. In true Green Bay style, everything is either powered by sharp cheddar cheese, or the light shining off of the still-brilliant aura of Brett Favre.
  • Syracuse basketball looks to take a bit hit next year, as the AUBURN CITIZEN says that Jonny Flynn, Eric Devendorf and Paul Harris will all enter their names into the NBA Draft. Also looking to flee for the pro game: UCLA’s Jrue Holiday, Wake Forest’s James Johnson and Miami’s Dwayne Collins.
  • Speaking of drafts, about the only thing the WNBA does right is take advantage of the one-week period right after the NCAA title game when people still remember that women’s basketball exists to hold their draft. The No. 1 pick? Louisville’s Angel McCoughtry, to the Atlanta Dream.
  • Remember the kerfuffle caused when Teresa Earnhardt refused to let her stepson Dale Earnhardt Jr. take his No. 8 with him when he left DEI to go to Hendrick Motorsports? I guess karma really is a … you know. FOX SPORTS says the No. 8 car will be permanently parked, as DEI has had to shut down operations on Aric Almirola’s team because of a lack of sponsors.
  • The person I would least expect to be in a Twitter controversy is Joe Paterno, who probably thinks that’s what happens when your pacemaker gets to close to a microwave. But ESPN.COM says his son Jay might have inadvertantly spilled the beans that the Big Ten is banning night games in November, meaning the Penn St./Ohio St. tilt will be played in the afternoon.
  • Yesterday’s least-surprising arrest had to be that of volatile former NBA guard Vernon Maxwell. The GAINESVILLE SUN says he was arrested in Florida Wednesday morning and charged with a probation violation stemming from failure to pay child support.
  • BALL DON’T LIE has the gripping story not coming to Broadway next fall: “Nellieball: The Musical.” Much like Don Nelson’s teams, it starts off promising but runs out of steam by the final act and falls apart.
  • Last time we heard about Nebraska tight end Hunter Teafatiller, he was having a party thrown in his “honor” as he was preparing to go to jail on a DUI charge. I guess it’s time to make another keg run in Lincoln, because the AP says he’s been arrested again, this time for driving on a suspended license.
  • Dan Hawkins wants you to know that not only is Colorado football not intramurals, brother, but it’s not a place for your cell phones and cameras. The COLORADO SPRINGS GAZETTE says the school has closed practices because of too much information floating around the Internet.

Which 2008 cellar dwellar has the best chance to be this year’s Tampa Bay Rays?

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Buffs Not Recruiting With Fake Money… Anymore

Let’s face it, recruiting is a tricky, inexact science. Even if you correctly identify the prospects who’ll thrive in your program and turn into All-Americans, there’s still the issue of getting them committed and on campus–and doing so within the draconian bylaws of the NCAA. When doing all this while competing against over 100 other Division I coaches (and their Type-A personalities), any edge, however small, can be crucial.

Dan Hawkins Money
(Surprisingly, this photo has been edited.)

All that withstanding, though, any recruiting tactic that involves imitations of bribery and the direct involvement of the Secret Service might need to be reconsidered. And that’s where we find Dan Hawkins and the Colorado Buffaloes. Hawkins’ staff, for one glorious, marginally appropriate year, tried to lure recruits to campus by delivering–we are not making this up–boxes containing $333,000 of fake money. Read more…