Cowboys Celebrate Collapse On Flight Home?

Much of the sporting world reacted gleefully when the Dallas Cowboys melted down late in the season, capped by an embarrassing 44-6 loss to the Eagles. However, you wouldn’t have expected that the Cowboys themselves would also be celebrating the fact that they won’t be going to the playoffs. But, at least one source is saying they did just that.

TO and Tony Romo

(”Finally, this B.S. is over. Let’s go to Cabo.” )

According to 1310 THE TICKET’s Mark Friedman, the Cowboys’ charter flight back to Dallas was a festive affair, like “the last day of school.” Players were laughing, playing games, and generally acting as if life was just dandy. So much for the illusion of athletes really caring about their jobs. Despondent Cowboy fans are not amused.

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