Might Want To Consult Erin Andrews On Security

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader are hosting a big shindig in the Bahamas in a couple weeks.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Calendar Release Party

(Like their divine Ambrosia tailgate salad, fans can ‘mix’ with the cheerleaders)

The regrettably-worded “release party” (dude, keep it in the room) will pop off during the Oct. 16-18 weekend, which not coincidentally is Joe Simpson’s first weekend off from Jessica’s Indian Casino tour in 18 mos.

Cowboys Cheerleaders Unfairly Required To Think

So it turns out that the tryout process to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader includes a rigorous written exam, including such questions as: “Name one country that borders Iraq.” Well, I guess Miss Teen South Carolina is out.

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders

If only the Cowboys themselves had such rigorous standards. You may have thought that passing the bar exam was hard, but for every failed lawyer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area you’ve probably got seven or eight would-be Cowboys cheerleaders waiting tables and working as hotel reservation clerks, all because they didn’t have a firm grasp of geography and current events. Read more…

Cheerleader Turned Reality Star Has Playboy Offer

Melissa Rycroft is one busy gal. The former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader was chosen but then dumped on “The Bachelor” season finale, and is currently shaking her money maker on “Dancing With The Stars”.

Melissa Rycroft

And now the rah-rah girl-turned-reality TV star is being approached to also make her mark in the print media. Specifically, magazines. More specifically, nudie magazines. Yes, Melissa is being pursued to pose for Playboy.

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SbB Week In Review: Babes, Babies & Bachelors

• An ex-Dallas Cowboys cheerleader hopes to lasso herself up a Bachelor.

Melissa Rycroft

• SI swimsuit model & NASCAR wife Niki Taylor is about to add a brand new member to her little pit crew.

• Get to know Giulia Siegel, former soccer WAG & current Playboy poser.

Eddy Curry denies trying to curry favor with his chauffeur through gay sex offers, anti-Semitic slurs, and semen-encrusted towels.

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Eddy Curry Made Gay Sex Offers & Racial Slurs?

• A chauffeur claims the Knicks’ Eddy Curry plays for the other team, if you know what we mean - and he apparently plays pretty rough.

Eddy Curry David Lee

Watch your back, David Lee!

• What do you do when your top-seeded team gets tossed from the playoffs? If you’re a Giants fan, you pummel a Porsche & smash a SUV.

• Florida State safety Myron Rolle shuns NFL glory for an Oxford education.

• The Miami Heat hit upon a new PR strategy - suing their season ticket holders for unpaid-for seats.

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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Looking For Hookup

For the first time since Jesse Palmer made a desperate attention grab on the show, ABC’s “The Bachelor” is back on my radar screen. But thankfully, not because of another Spurrier-enabled, pseudo-celebrity. (Danny Wuerffel & Shane Matthews were late cancels.)

Melissa Rycroft

This time, one of the prospective females in what is now season 13(!) of the show is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader named Melissa Rycroft. Rycroft apparently spent two years on the squad before settling into the ever-rewarding “sales representative” field.

So far on the show, Rycroft has been on a date with the bachelor guy, whose name escapes me. During that first meeting, she blanched at doing oyster shooters, took a blimp ride and then sucked face with the dude. The date apparently went well, as the bachelor fella gave her a rose, indicating she would remain on the show - and away from her cubicle for one more fleeting week.

Melissa Rycroft photos

The question begs, why is she off the Cowboys cheer squad? Well based on another reality show she was on, I have a definite clue. (More photos, video after the jump - including Ms. Rycroft in an enrapturous bikini *fitting* video): Read more…

Blog-A-Roni: Mike Patrick Is At A Loss For Words

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING is speechless, as Mike Patrick can’t think of the right thing to say (check about 36 seconds in):

• BOILED SPORTS gets their temperature rising with another Erin Andrews sighting.

• HOME RUN DERBY tosses along this hit-by-pitch video gallery.

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Actress Sarah Shahi Was Once A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

SHAHI PROPS UP OUR FLEETING CHEERLEADER FANTASY: Like you, we’re over major sports websites trying to prop up sagging traffic numbers with thousands of photo posts of over-makeupped, underdeveloped cheerleaders.

Sarah Shahi

Thankfully, KSK’s Unsilent Majority is here to save the day and rescue the cheerleader fantasy for all of us, with his post on working (really!) actress and former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Sarah Shahi.

Sarah Shahi

Oh. My. Gawd.