School Forced Mentally Challenged Into Fight Club

There’s one thing I’m getting increasingly sure of about people Texas: they sure love to see mentally challenged kids get beat up on. First it was figurative: Covenant High’s girls basketball team putting a 100-0 hurting on the team from Dallas Academy made up of players with learning disabilities. But now it’s a literal hurt, as the DALLAS MORNING NEWS reports that administrators at the Corpus Christi State School were forcing profoundly disabled students into “Fight Club”-style brawls.

Handicapped Boxing Glove

And - of course - they were filming their fights on a camera phone. However, none of the videos appear to have made their way onto the Internet yet, leaving Felony Fights as the most morally bankrupt thing you can watch. And in a sense, it’s a good thing that the fights were being videotaped. The whole horrific thing was exposed because someone lost the cell phone that had the videos on it, which was later turned in to an off-duty police officer after being found on the side of the road.

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Speed Read: New Torre Tome Not Tell-All After All

Didn’t we all know that this was going to happen? As soon as a Joe Torre tell-all but hits the edge of the horizon, the former Yankees manager immediately backpedals off his statements, reaches out to New York GM Brian Cashman in (alleged) friendship and throws the paper that ran with his pinstripe trashing under the bus.

joe torre take 2

(Oh boy. This is getting awkward.)

Good luck with that, NEW YORK POST. See what happens when your reputation precedes you?

In fact, the more quotes you read, the more it becomes clear that Joe Torre’s ‘tell-all’, “The Yankee Years”, isn’t anything close to a tell-all. Instead, it’s a former employee bitching about a few uncomfortable situations and hardships he had to overcome. So who’s responsible for this book being blown into the stratosphere of hype and expectations? A combination of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED writer Tom Verducci, who first connected the phrase “A-Fraud” with Torre, and the NEW YORK POST, which had the lack of editorial discretion to run an unattributed assertion as an enormous, splashed back page headline.

It’s an absolute journalistic joke on both fronts, and Torre knows it. That’s why he reached out to Cashman with an apology and request to maintain their friendship. That’s why he’s now saying that he’ll always be close to the Yankees organization. That’s why the final result of this whole brouhaha will almost assuredly be a POST retraction.

And that, dear friends, isn’t a good thing for newspapers or the book industry. Though it will help sell copies of “The Yankee Years” for sure. And that means, in the end, the big winner may be Torre after all. Some people just have all the luck, don’t they?

Not Micah Grimes. He doesn’t have any luck. Then again, he’s not exactly helping his own case these days. Remember the Texas high school girls’ basketball coach who authorized a 100-0 win last week? Well, we can now officially call him the “former Texas high school girls’ basketball coach”, after Grimes was officially fired by Covenant High School on Sunday, hours after he disagreed with a public apology issued by the school in the midst of a firestorm of sportsmanship controversy.

dallas academy girls hoops

Really, there should be no controversy here. If Grimes had the pluck to call out his administrators for apologizing, than he has no right to call himself a self-respecting coach. Winning 100-0 is bad enough, trying to defend it to the ends of the earth is much worse.

Yet, the deeper you read into this DALLAS MORNING NEWS article by Barry Horn — which we found from a nice tip off by the ONLINE SPORTS GUYS — the clearer it becomes that a small school girls’ basketball coach was obsessed with being right, not providing a decent platform from which his athletes could learn about competition and themselves.

For the record, here’s exactly what Grimes said about the concept of apologizing for his team’s audacious, 100-0 victory:

“I respectfully disagree with the apology, especially the notion that the Covenant School girls basketball team should feel ‘embarrassed’ or ‘ashamed,’ ” part of his blog’s post on FLIGHT BASKETBALL says. “We played the game as it was meant to be played and would not intentionally run up the score on any opponent. Although a wide-margin victory is never evidence of compassion, my girls played with honor and integrity and showed respect to Dallas Academy.”

Yikes. Well, good luck on the job hunt Senor Grimes. At least your resume has something no one else’s will right at the end: A 100-0 win.

And before you think we’re all doom and gloom here at SbB this morning, we’d be absolutely remiss if we didn’t address Shaun White’s latest feat of snowboarding history. The Flying Tomato put together a sick final run in Aspen to win Superpipe gold at X-Games 13, proving that he could overcome just about every jinx possible to win back-to-back gold medals, becoming the first snowboarded (man or woman) to pull off the feat in the process.

How’d he do it? With tenacity, final run gumption and a healthy dose of whirling 1080s. White was literally on his final shot to come back from last place in the finals. He fell on both of his first two runs, and conditions kept deteriorating, to the point where TV shots that weren’t closeups seemed clouded in snow.

No matter. White still put together his best run of the night — the best run of the entire competition, as it turned out — with his back against the wall, edging out an outstanding silver medal-winning performance from Kevin Pearce, who looked like he’d finally reached the moutaintop before the man who just doesn’t feel pressure came and knocked him off.

It’s more than we can say about Gretchen Bleiler, though, with the photo below, there’s plenty more to say. There’s always plenty to say about the lovely Ms. Bleiler.

gretchen bleiler fhm

Ahh, time for some links with the morning coffee. Let’s start with some hoops, shall we:

  • Just when it looked like the Spurs were poised for a run back up the Western Conference standings, along come the Lakers and Andrew Bynum. J.A. Adande seems to be the first columnist pointing out that Bynum’s 15 points on Tim Duncan Sunday were more significant than his monster game against the woeful Wizards last week. No matter. Eventually everyone will get that, and it’s pretty stinking significant. It really is.
  • If you cared, and you probably don’t, the Eastern Conference won the NHL’s annual All-Star Game last night, 12-11, in a shootout. As if it were ever going to end in single digit goals or anything less than a shootout.
  • In case you missed it, Lionel Hollins is officially the Grizzlies coach … again. Only this time he doesn’t have the interim tag. All of which raises a fascinating question: If he gets hired, but accepts a demotion to assistant coach, can he then succeed the next inevitable Memphis firing as an interim coach for a third time? It might be worth it for historical significance.
  • Wait a minute: The Browns hired a GM and he’s a close personal friend of new coach Eric Mangini? What ever happened to hedging your bets, anyway?
  • In case you missed it, Arizona’s Chase Budinger had his face outright stomped on by Houston’s Aubrey Coleman on Saturday night. The downside? Things didn’t quite work out the way Coleman expected: He got ejected, and the Wildcats rallied for a crazy win.

  • Michael Vick took a PETA test on animal empathy. Think he’d shoot for suck-up status and an “A”? Nah, son, this is Michael Vick. He got a “C”.
  • When has an empty net goal ever incited a brawl? You ask, but it really happened. Just check out the video below.

  • For a league that was just sent into a bizarre new television deal, is the MLS sure it wants to expand again? Really? Hmmm. So what are the teams in Miami and Vancouver going to be called?
  • Speaking of American soccer, remember that Landon Donovan guy? He’s looking pretty good for Bayern Munchen right now. The Galaxy might have to start thinking about life without both its two biggest stars.
  • What would you say if we told you the woman below — Portugese TV host Isabel Figuera — had 1) already had a child and 2) was back on the free agent market? Seems like a worthwhile investment, doesn’t it? How does she relate to sports? Oh pipe down, she used to be married to a Portugese soccer star (César Peixoto), of course.

isabel figuera

With last night’s NHL All-Star Game the latest proof, which league’s star fesitivies are the biggest joke?

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Crazy Hoops; Pens Have Heart; GM’s Heated Chat

• What a crazy night in college hoops - Northwestern stuns Michigan State, Virginia Tech vanquishes #1 Wake Forest, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology puts an end to its 51-game losing streak.

Kevin Coble Northwestern Michigan State

(Kevin Coble & the ‘Cats had the Spartans hopping mad)

• Meanwhile, a Dallas high school cancels its girls basketball season after getting slammed in a game 100-0.

• An 8-year-old hockey player suffering from cystic fibrosis signs an official contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

• St. Louis Cardinals GM John Mozeliak does not suffer online fools gladly.

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