Video: SMU Executioner Takes Whack At Camgate

Front page of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS on Feb. 26, 1987:

SMU Death Penalty

The Southern Methodist University football program, the most punished in NCAA history, received the harshest sanctions ever – including suspension for the 1987 season – when the NCAA announced its precedent-setting decision Wednesday.

Citing penalties intended to “eliminate a program that was built on a legacy of wrongdoing, deceit and rule violations,” the NCAA Committee on Infractions for the first time barred a school from playing football for an entire season.

That news was largely the culmination of reporting done in Dallas the previous two years by WFAA-TV sports director Dale Hansen.

This week Hansen produced a short video opinion piece on what he thought of the NCAA’s decision to maintain Cam Newton’s eligibility in the wake of allegations that Newton’s father actively marketed his son’s football skills to Mississippi State.
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Ladies … To Host Live Draft Blog; New Porras Pics

The Ladies… will be on SbB all weekend to live blog the NFL Draft. They’ll be here for eight hours each day beginning Saturday at 2pm ET. See you then!

• Bolivian basketball babe Claudia Porras still proves she’s a model player.

Claudia Porras

• Today’s the day Rick Monday cemented himself as a real American hero for rescuing Old Glory.

Jim Gray is still stalking the press areas - if only he was doing it for an actual sports network.

• Meanwhile, Kelvin Sampson is having no trouble entertaining job offers from the NBA.

• Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen compares Pacman’s trade to Big D with the Cowboys signing Osama bin Laden.

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DFW TV Guy: Cowboys Might As Well Sign Osama

Dale Hansen, a former radio color commentator for the Dallas Cowboys and longtime Metroplex TV sports commentator who’s classy enough to get his signature on screen during his segments, is none too pleased about the Cowboys trading for Adam “Pacman” Jones.

Dale Hansen What Do I Have To Do To Get Fired?

(Hansen: Distended Feedbag Has Warded Off Attempted Firing Over The Years )

DEUCE OF DAVENPORT digs up the clip of Hansen bemoaning the recent direction of “America’s Team” that has pursued such ne’er-do-wells as Tank Johnson, Terrell Owens and now Pacman. It being Texas, there’s some casual racism thrown in just for fun. (video after the jump) Read more…