A’s Rod Must Impregnate Kate Hudson Right Now

Sure, when Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson started dating (and we dutifully lowered ourselves to covering it), we figured it was a matter of “aw look at these kids and their affection” style dating. As most new relationships go, y’know.

Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson
(Kate, you’re looking womanly. That won’t work.)

Oh,  but this is a story about men and women in their 30s. Specifically, women, aged 30. And when it comes to relationships, there’s one thing they want: BABIES. So incredibly, Hudson has reportedly approached A-Rod about a pregnancy - but as what appears to be a business deal.

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Wild Week In Review: Sex, Swimsuits & Steroids

• Congratulations to Bar Refaeli for making the cover of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Bar Refaeli Jeanene Fox

• And we already have a suggestion for next year’s cover girl - Rick Fox’s foxy sister Jeanene.

• But will we soon see full nudity in the sports mag’s annual edition? That could be a reason why the Laker Girls turned down a chance to pose for a SI photoshoot.

• We expected to A-Rod to come out sooner or later, but little did we know it would be about past steroid use. And who spilled the beans first? An alleged SI stalker? His ex-wife? No wonder he needed an escape to the Bahamas with two hottie companions.

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Flyers Pose w/Porn Star; A-Rod Bahamas-Bound

• A few Philly Flyers pose for some photos with porn star Gina Lynn.

Gina Lynn and Joffrey Lupul

• What do you do when the whole world’s on your case for lying about steroids? Head to the Bahamas with two hot chicks, that’s what!

Tyler Hansbrough may have defeated Duke four straight times, but he can’t beat the Blue Devils fans’ majestic mockery of him.

• NBA players Nene & Jason Smith get involved with a sister act.

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Did A-Rod’s Ex-Wife Tell SI About Positive Test?

Alex Rodriguez went a little overboard the other day in his interview with Peter Gammons in trying to portray SPORTS ILLUSTRATED writer Selena Roberts as some sort of obsessed stalker. But why? Roberts has vehemently denied almost all of A-Rod’s accusations. Could it be because Roberts was successful at getting closer to A-Rod than he wanted, without resorting to over-the-top antics?

Alex & Cynthia Rodriguez dinner staredown

Somebody had to leak to Roberts that A-Rod failed a drug test in 2003. A-Rod claims that he didn’t know about the failed test until Roberts told him about it recently. But that doesn’t make any sense, since the MLB Players’ Association told everyone who failed  before they were re-tested in 2004. But the only people they told were the players themselves. So who else would have known about the test results? I don’t know, could it have been … A-Rod’s wife?

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A-Rod Holds Final Cuts For Divorce “Dream Team”

THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS is reporting that “Material Boy” Alex Rodriguez held final tryouts last night for his legal team in what’s sure to be a contentious divorce with his wife Cynthia Rodriguez.

Alex Rodriguez is hit by pitch

When the smoke cleared, Ira Elegant (who represents Shaq and has one of the greatest names of all time) was benched in favor of “powerhouse trial attorney Alan Kluger.” Along with Kluger, A-Rod will be represented by two female attorneys Cynthia Greene and Laura Davis Smith, whom he will try not to have sex with.

A cursory Google-aided look at the three attorneys after the jump.

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‘Yankee Skank’ Playing Head Games With A-Rod

As if poor little Alex Rodriguez did not already have enough to worry about — his divorce, playing baseball and being single & famous in New York City with $150 million $75 million to burn — here comes mildly famous stripper Candace Houlihan (again) telling the whole world about her involvement with the Yankee slugger.

A-Rod Candice Houlihan

The potentially libelous material — courtesy of HG at YOU BEEN BLINDED — reveals her nickname, given to her by Red Sox fans as she was climbing into a limo with A-Rod. It’s “Yankee Skank“, and it’s on “The Soup”.

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Topless Torontonians Make Blue Jays Games Fun

Brooks witnesses Papelbon booed, A-Rod ignored & Borat’s fat friend bored.

• Topless women standing in the surrounding hotel rooms will definitely get attendance to rise at Blue Jays home games.

Blue Jays mascot topless woman

Of course, they could always try this Rays fan’s helping hand.

• The son of N.C. State basketball coach Sidney Lowe has been a bad boy.

• Not interested in the All-Star Game tonight? They’re always part two of Brett Favre’s interview on Fox News.

• A lusted-after cricketer calls in female commandos to ensure his safety.

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Wife: A-Rod Tapping Phones, Hiring Private Eyes

TMZ recently caught A-Rod and Shaq briefly meeting up Monday night at New York’s 40/40 Club. Wonder what was said between the two star athletes who are each experiencing marital problems. (Maybe O’Neal wanted to know why Rodriguez flaked on buying his house in Miami.)

Shaq ARod meet in club

Or maybe they were swapping advice on how to deal with a crumbling message. But if we were to believe Cynthia Rodriguez, A-Rod may have been asking how to better spy on a soon-to-be ex-wife. Read more…

Rodriguez Brings Boras In As Marriage Counselor

When times get tough, you have to turn to someone you can trust. With the New York papers all over his marital discord, Alex Rodriguez has turned to an old familiar face to try and help smooth things over with wife Cynthia either towards a reconciliation (ha!) or, more likely, an attempt to keep the split a little more quiet. His former agent Scott Boras met with the unhappy couple in Toronto over the weekend.

A-Rod and Scott Boras

According to the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, the superagent brokered the meeting (which allowed A-Rod to see his 3-year old daughter for the first time in weeks) and may even have met one-on-one with Cynthia.

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Fan Isn’t Ready To Give Up #537 Back To A-Rod

The run of bad luck continues for Alex Rodriguez. Not only has he been linked to Madonna and stuck in a hitting slump, but when he does something good something still goes wrong.

Toronto fans mock A-Rod with Madonna photos

The Yankees drama king belted his 537th career home run, passing Mickey Mantle for 13th on the all-time list, but he won’t get the memorable ball without a struggle. A Toronto Blue Jays fan has the ball and he’s planning to get all that he can for his prize. Read more…