Speed Read: McNulty Makes “Offer” To Big Ben

Andrea McNulty, the woman who has sued Ben Roethlisberger for allegedly raping her last year, has had her credibility and motivations called into question many times since her lawsuit was filed in July. But now, in an attempt to make her seem both less crazy and less of a gold digger, she has offered to withdraw the lawsuit.

Ben Roethlisberger Andrea McNulty

Oh, if it were only that simple. As you’ll see, McNulty’s “offer” may seem like a noble pursuit, but it stipulates that Big Ben do the one thing he’ll never, ever do. So, without further ado, here are the three conditions for having the lawsuit dropped:

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Tour de France Going Retro With Radio Silence

Communication is the building block of any successful relationship. This is true at work, at home, in one’s love life, and in sports. Because this is a sports blog and not, say, a relationship guide, let’s focus in on that last one. Communication between teammates is crucial on the court/field/whatever, and communication from coaches on the sidelines is just as vital.

Radio Bicycle

Nowhere is this more evident than in racing sports - including cycling, where cyclists in the peloton (one of the greatest words in the world, BTW) must be very aware of their surroundings at all time. Teams use radio communication to relay teammate and competitor positions, statistics, and other important information. But for some reason, Tour de France organizers think it’s a great idea to try banning radio communication for two stages this coming week. Ready, set, chaos!

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Bike-Riding Teen Sexer Gets Four Years In Jail

You may remember last January, when Scott wrote about the Olympian bicycling efforts of a Havre de Grace, Md. man who just had to have sex with a 15-year-old. In the process, he cycled 180 miles to Scranton, slept in a park and at the town’s baseball field, and had sex with the teen on the same field.

lance armstrong tour de france

(Note: Photo is not actually William Wagner, but is a man who likes girls more than 10-years his junior and bike rides of longer than 100 miles.)

Well, now he finally knows his fate: For the next four years, if he has any sex it will be with someone with similar genitalia, after  26-year-old William Wagner was sentenced to those four years in prison for his sexual assault via statutory rape.

Of all the collasal errors of judgment this has to be near the top of the list. Not only did Wagner bike 180 miles — 180 miles!!! — for sex with a 15-year-old (which is a crime there’s approximately a 2 percent chance he might possibly get away with), he had live in destitution in Scranton for two days. Scranton! A town so beset with general malaise and depression that The Office found it a fitting site for a business park-lampooning sitcom.

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This Isn’t The Way To Voice Disinterest In Cycling

Choose not to watch. Discuss how bike seats can lower sperm count. State the several, several cyclists who get caught doping after winning races. There are many productive ways to show why the cycling world has problems. Taking your car and ramming a herd of cyclists — including some former Olympians — isn’t really the way to go here.


The SYDNEY MORNING HERALD reported (15 hours from the future, I might add) that some motorist was pissed off that he had to wait for a pack of 60 cyclists to cross his path, and took matters into his own horsepower. He rammed the pack of bicycles, injuring about 50 nobody was seriously hurt. Read more…