Eddy Curry’s Clothing Bill Is Only 2 Years Past Due

Eddy Curry has never been the most disciplined basketball player, though that’s always assumed to be because he isn’t the most disciplined eater, either. Well, new allegations can safely lead one to believe that Curry isn’t a disciplined human being at all, after an article in the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES claims that Curry still hasn’t paid a $41,000 outstanding bill from Casual Male in Chicago during his time with the Bulls.

Eddy Curry hidden in towel

Not only does Curry have a horrific lack of game, but one of the most self-entitled high school draftees of the early ’90s also has horrific taste in clothing, which is both sad and strangely appropriate, if you ask us.

OK, lets try to absorb the shock one piece at a time here, as long as we can get beyond the SUN-TIMES’ contender for double entendre headline of the week (”Curry didn’t pay for clothes, suit alleges”). What we now know is after the jump:

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