Sylvester Croom Resigns From Mississippi State

Here’s some Earth-Shattering Breaking News of Monumental Proportions for you: Less than 24 hours after his team’s horrendous 45-0 loss to Mississippi in the “most lopsided Egg Bowl in 37 years”, Sylvester Croom is stepping down from his head coaching position at Mississippi State. Guess Mississippi State fans can take something positive out of the loss.

Sylvester Croom

(C’mon, Sylvester! Turn that frown upside-down!)

Croom, who five years ago got inducted into the race relations history books by becoming the SEC’s first black head football coach, leaves behind him a legacy of, well, not being very good. Let’s take a look at his five-year reign after the jump.

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Bowden Axes QB, Then Clemson Axes Bowden

Remember the beginning of the season, when Clemson was ranked in the top 10 and people thought this was the year they broke free in the ACC? Yes, well, about that… No.

Sad Bowden

Clemson’s slide back to the familiar territory of mediocrity started in week 1, when Alabama throttled them in front of a stunned Atlanta crowd, 34-10. Any hopes of a resurgence were dashed over the past two weeks, when the Tigers dropped consecutive contests to godawful Maryland and godawful-until-three-years-ago Wake Forest. That’s apparently all the AD needed to see, as according to WYFF in Greenville, SC, Clemson fired head coach Tommy Bowden today:

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