Cubs Finally Sold? Curse Included in Ch. 11 Filing

Despite not being able to make the sale happen in time to stave off Chapter 11 bankruptcy (at least temporarily), Sam Zell and his chippin ‘n’ flippin’ ways haven’t totally failed him.  The Chicago Cubs’ sale to very rich people with little need for mostly non-existent loans could be complete within a week.

Sam Zell shows us the money

Three bidders show up in all the articles, apparently having been the last to put up offer sheets: real estate mogul Hersch Klaff, the TD Ameritrade family (the Ricketts), and Marc Utay, who made his money in private equity. They shouldn’t dust off their pocketbooks just yet, though.  The CHICAGO TRIBUNE’s own reporter couldn’t resist this jab at the Tribune’s elfin master: “The company, which is controlled by Chicago real estate investor Sam Zell, also has not held firm to past deadlines.”
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Illinois Gov.’s Corruption Extends To Sale of Cubs

It’s been a pretty interesting day living in the state of Illinois. I woke up this morning and logged on to the CHICAGO TRIBUNE’s website to see if there was any news coming out of baseball’s Winter Meetings surrounding the Cubs and White Sox, and instead I was hit with a barrage of stories about our Governor Rod Blagojevich. Yes, our wonderful Governor was arrested this morning by the FBI at his home thanks to his apparent attempt to award Barack Obama’s vacant senate seat to the highest bidder.

Now I wasn’t exactly shocked to find out that my Governor was going to jail — Corruption in Illinois politics!?  Get out of town! — because our last Governor is currently in prison.  No, the shock was that the $25.53 I bid for the Senate seat just wasn’t enough. What’s truly unfortunate about this whole thing though is that Rod’s corruption wasn’t just limited to trivial things like Senate seats but also to more important matters — like the sale of the Chicago Cubs.

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