Cubs-Loving Smurf Douses Reporter With Water

Somebody probably should’ve informed Mouthpiece Sports’ on-scene reporter Molly Dapier that Cubs fans, particularly those in blue body paint, are insane and possibly dangerous.

Wrigley Field welcome

On Wednesday, Dapier was interviewing people outside Wrigley Field when an enterprising, half-naked, blue Cubs fan got the idea to dump a Gatorade cooler full of water over her head. Video idiocy after the jump.

I’ll wait while you laugh hysterically. (Or, more likely, quietly wonder where it all went wrong with today’s youths.)

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Torch $350 Just For Right To Buy Cubs W.S. Tix?!

With the World Series just three months away and the Chicago Cubs out to a massive two game lead in the National League Central, now’s a perfect time for Cubs fans to throw down $350 for the right to reserve tickets to the Fall Classic.

Cubs Fans

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports “a Chicago-based company called FirstDibz is already selling the rights to purchase tickets from a seller should the World Series happen at Wrigley. The company takes 17 percent in service charges.Read more…