Cubs and White Sox Know How To Grease Palms

A common misconception is that Chicago gets its “Windy City” moniker because of the harsh breeze that blows through the city from Lake Michigan. In reality, that is only one of a few explanations. Our favorite, the one that we heard as a child and it kind of stuck, is that it comes from the massive importance of Chicago politicians, all of them “blowing a lot of hot air”.

Mayor Daley Governor  Blagojevich

(Mayor Daley professes his allegiance, Governor Blagojevich hangs with friends)

And, as the CHICAGO TRIBUNE reports, the baseball teams of the city still know how to take care of their politicos. According to the paper, both the Cubs and the White Sox are in a pretty “giving mood” when it comes to making sure the city’s elite politicians have access to the upcoming playoff games.

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