Fidel Castro Approves Of Kicking Judges In Face

The last I’d heard about Fidel Castro, America’s favorite communist wasn’t doing too well in the health department. In fact, I was pretty sure that he was dead, but it turns out he’s alive and kicking. He’s even taking the time out of his busy schedule of dying slowly to write letters about how his athletes were totally screwed at the Olympic games.

On Saturday we told you about Cuban taekwondo fighter Angel Matos. In the story we learned about how Matos was disqualified by a judge in his fight for taking too much injury time, and how the only logical next step Matos could take after the DQ was to kick that judge right in his face. While this seems like poor sportsmanship here under our capitalist pig regime, Fidel thinks it was perfectly acceptable behavior.

(Now with bonus video goodness after the jump.)

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